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Tshwane Rapid Transit : Taking the Bus to Transformation

Bus Rapid Transit has been embraced in South Africa to improve public transport services. Operated by Tshwane Rapid Transit Pty Ltd, we delve into the system with CEO, Samuel Matebane.

Jack SalterCameron Lawrence By Jack Salter Cameron Lawrence

AirKenya : Eyes on the Skies Over East Africa

Captain Dino Bisleti, General Manager of the pioneer safari airline, AirKenya, discusses its competitive advantage and future synergies for an unparalleled regional network.

Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique : Comfort in the Skies

Providing premium passenger-centric air travel across Africa, Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique puts the customer first with its truly unrivalled flight experiences.

Ed BuddsCameron Lawrence By Ed Budds Cameron Lawrence

Intercape : Highway To Heaven

Earlier this year Intercape became the first in the industry in South Africa to introduce G7 luxury double-decker coaches.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Quattro Zambia : Transporting Zambia

Graham Wright, Managing Director of Quattro Zambia, discusses expansion and employee empowerment within the country’s leading personnel transport service provider. 

The Challenges and Opportunities of Africa’s Standard Gauge Railway

Africa's Standard Gauge Railway represents a real opportunity for the continent, but construction isn't without its challenges.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Analysing the Role of Africa’s Key Transit Corridors

Home to more than a third of the world's landlocked countries, intra-continental trade routes and agreements are becoming increasingly important to the socioeconomic success of the entire continent.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

KTVR Bus Service : Driving Growth

A BRT system built for the masses, KTVR is set rejuvenate opportunity, both socially and economically, in the Ekurhuleni region of South Africa.

EditorJoshua Mann By Editor Joshua Mann

GIGM : Daring to be Different

Established as a stalwart of African innovation, the transport offering of GIGM remains inspired by customer-centricity.

EditorJoshua Mann By Editor Joshua Mann

Tshwane Rapid Transit : Modernising Mobility

Tshwane Rapid Transit is transforming the public transport scene in Pretoria and the surrounding municipality as it expands its efficient, modern BRT system.

Joshua Mann By Joshua Mann