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Inside the business of tourism with Latitude Hotels

Nick Brown, Co-Owner of Latitude Hotels, explains that expanding Africa's business hospitality offering benefits both travellers and local communities.

ATTA® : Coronavirus and the Impact on African Tourism

Nigel Vere Nicoll, President of the African Travel and Tourism Association, gives his opinion on how the coronavirus will affect Africa's tourism industry

What trends will be shaping the African travel sector?

Africa looks set to capitalise on a range of global trends ranging from transformational travel experiences to leisure tourism.

Mpumalanga: A Nature-Lover’s Dream

With its plunging canyons, soaring mountains and vast veldts, South Africa's Mpumalanga province boasts some of the country's most spectacular scenery

Tanzania: Africa’s most adventurous country

With its snow-capped mountains, tropical islands, vast plains and powdery beaches, Tanzania is a country just waiting to be explored.

Gauteng, South Africa: From the cities to the mountains

A South African province of two cities, renowned for both its mountains and museums, Gauteng offers a complete package for tourists.

Uganda: A Country of Contrasts

With its glacial peaks, vast lakes and primeval forests, Uganda is a country of contrasts

Nelson Mandela Bay: Experience city, bush and beach in one trip

Home to sun-kissed sand, Port Elizabeth and exotic aquatic and onshore wildlife, Nelson Mandela Bay is the best place to experience city, bush and beach in one trip

Lesotho : A Southern African Alpine Discovery Trail

Fully encircled by South Africa, Lesotho is a unique country set high in the mountains, its natural beauty beginning to become more discovered as greater numbers of tourists cross over the border

Eswatini : Showcasing the Best that Africa has to Offer

Whether you're looking for the culturally fascinating, a captivating wildlife scene or welcoming tourist offerings, Eswatini holds much of the best that Africa has to offer