Latest Sustainability features from across Africa.

Latest Sustainability Corporate Stories

Royal FloraHolland : Flowers for All

Floriculture growers, auctioneers and buyers give us a diverse insight into Royal FloraHolland, the cooperative striving for sustainable success for its members.

Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone By Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone

Prioritising Sustainable Urbanisation at COP27

Ahead of COP27, Aamena Desai, Senior Urban Designer at Arup, explains the need to future-proof cities across Africa and create more sustainable

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COP27 : Together for Implementation

Countries are set to come together and take action towards achieving the world’s collective climate goals at COP27 in Egypt, the first

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Youth Sustainability Development Network

Encouraging Africa’s youth to take action against climate change, we speak with Damilola Hamid Balogun, delegate at COP27 and co-Founder of the

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Hydrogen on the Horizon

Driving the continent's green hydrogen ambitions

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Spotlight on Renewable Energy in Kenya

Access to clean and affordable energy is expanding in Kenya. We explore the significant role of renewables in the country’s diverse power

Jack Salter Jordan Levey By Jack Salter Jordan Levey

The Final Word

What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

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Women Leading the Last Mile

Empowering women as the champions of clean and renewable energy

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Best Practice in Procurement

Driving growth through sustainable buying and sourcing decisions

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Association (REASL)

As the association spearheading Sierra Leone’s energy revolution, REASL, led by President Kofie Macauley, have been lobbying for the development of a

Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas