Latest Sustainability features from across Africa.

Latest Sustainability Corporate Stories

Earth Day : Combatting Climate Crises

Against the backdrop of a widespread drought and threatened food security across Southern Africa, we explore why Earth Day 2024 is now more vital than ever.

Natucate : Protecting the Okavango Delta

Daniel Kaul, CEO of Natucate, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of Earth’s precious resources, emphasises the need to raise awareness and act now.

AstraZeneca : Optimising Kenya’s Reforestation

With a commitment to planting and maintaining up to six million trees in Kenya, AstraZeneca is harnessing the deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence to ensure the trees’ long-term growth and facilitate far-reaching health benefits for local communities. Deepak Arora, African Cluster President, tells us more.

Africa Day at COP28 : Green Growth in Africa

The annual COP summit has become a symbolic gathering of heads of state from across the globe. Coinciding with Africa Day, the continent’s leadership seeks to award Africa a voice at one of the world’s largest sustainability conferences.

Recognition Growing for Africa Climate Action

The continent has featured prominently on international conference agenda recently, with clean energy transition a hot topic. 

Samsung : Small Actions, Big Impact

South African consumers are being encouraged by Samsung to join “Everyday Sustainability” and take action together for a better planet.

Solarcentury Africa : A Bright Future for Renewable Energy

We speak to Jason De Carteret, Head of Solarcentury Africa, about harnessing the sun’s energy to find greener solutions in Africa.

South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) : Spotlight

South Africa is beginning to harness the power of solar to diversify its energy and transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels.

Earth Day 2023 : Waving the Green Flag

Leading with the theme of 'Invest in Our Planet’, we look at how Earth Day 2023 brings together companies of all sizes to highlight the importance of sustainability. 

CUDO: When Tech, Community, and the Environment Collide

Matt Hawkins, CEO and Founder of the cloud infrastructure as a service platform, CUDO, unpacks how tech can be the power for good across Africa.