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Investing in growth through Enterprise Resource Planning

Unlocking the key to delivering cost savings, improving business transaction efficiency and improving performance metrics

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Spotlight on Manufacturing in Zambia

After decades of steady decline, there are ambitious aspirations to return the manufacturing sector in Zambia to its former glory.

Jack Salter Alfie Wilson By Jack Salter Alfie Wilson

Universal Paper and Plastics : Hygiene Means Health

Tissue paper products manufactured by Universal Paper and Plastics are improving hygiene across Southern Africa. David Sher, Managing Director, discusses a commitment

Jack Salter Jordan Levey By Jack Salter Jordan Levey

LC Packaging : Fourth Generation Family Business

Founded back in 1923, LC Packaging now has a presence across Europe, Asia, and Africa. We speak to Regional Director of Southern

Marcus Kaapa Jordan Levey By Marcus Kaapa Jordan Levey

Kenya Manufacturing Spotlight

As Vision 2030 approaches, we shine a light on the current state of one of Kenya’s major industries.

Phoebe Harper Lloyd Hanley By Phoebe Harper Lloyd Hanley

BURN Manufacturing : Clean Cooking

Through fuel-efficient cooking appliances, we find out how BURN Manufacturing is impacting lives and saving the environment with CEO, Peter Scott.

Jack Salter Jordan Levey By Jack Salter Jordan Levey

Spotlight on East African Manufacturing

Unpacking manufacturing as a staple for economic prosperity and stability across the entire East African Community (EAC).

Spotlight on South African Plastics

Plastics SA is championing responsible plastic packaging consumption and driving the circular company to guarantee a vital and competitive industry for South

Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey By Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey

Aerosud : Revolutionising Cargo

In pursuit of global partnerships, Johan Steyn, Managing Director of Aerosud, delivers exciting details on the development of faster, greener and more

Jack Salter Ryan Gray By Jack Salter Ryan Gray

Spotlight on the South African Steel Industry

Shining a light on the current predicament of South Africa’s steel industry and attempts at recovering national manufacturing.

Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey By Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey