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Africa Outlook
About Us

Africa Outlook is a digital and print product aimed at boardroom and hands-on decision-makers across a wide range of industries on the continent. With content compiled by our experienced editorial team, complemented by an in-house design and production team ensuring delivery to the highest standards, we look to promote the latest in engaging news, industry trends and success stories from the length and breadth of Africa. We always uphold these best practices in our worldwide publications.
This monthly magazine is essential reading for business executives wanting to keep up with the latest in global news affecting African businesses, as well as exclusive, engaging and sharable features generated from their peers. Our remit embraces the coverage of key business sectors and sub-sectors including: mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, retail, logistics, finance, healthcare, technology and other professional service areas.
Owned and published by Outlook Publishing, who also produces global business titles’ Asia Outlook and Europe & Middle East Outlook, Africa Outlook provides a superb platform for companies, advertisers and media partners who deserve the attention of Africa’s leading business executives, to showcase your services and place you in the hands of the continent’s most influential people.
Our highly driven sales and project management teams always act with honesty and integrity when speaking with clients. They maintain a relationship of professional respect in order to ensure each client has a long lasting and happy relationship with our staff.
Africa Outlook is a must for businesses operating across any sector in Africa, a continent with huge potential for even further growth. The Outlook Features section in the front of our magazine delves into business and industry as well as looking into their links to the wider world, examining the functionality of international and intercontinental supply chains, and analysing trends across the competitive global marketplace. The Company Profile Section is your company's chance to tell us your story so that we can tell the world!

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