Issue 91

Haussmann Africa : Diversification and Expansion

As a pan-African company that puts the continent at the fore, executives from Haussmann Africa discuss the company’s diversification towards hospitality on the back of a disruptive 2020.

Editorial TeamDonovan Smith By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Unilever Food Solutions : The Key Ingredient

Janine Van Rooyen, Managing Director at Unilever Food Solutions, discusses the value of customer-centricity while putting an emphasis on empowering staff in order to achieve success.

HamiltonJet : Propelling into the Future

Led by quality and innovation, we speak to Ben Reed, Managing Director of HamiltonJet, about the company’s varied and high-quality propulsion systems for the international boat market.

Marcus KaapaRyan Gray By Marcus Kaapa Ryan Gray

Trivitron Healthcare : Revolutionising Healthcare

Richard Kyania, Country Head, Kenya at Trivitron Healthcare Africa, discusses his organisation’s operations in Kenya and across the continent.

Editorial TeamThomas Arnold By Editorial Team Thomas Arnold

GOGLA : Spotlight on Off-Grid Solar Energy

Exploring the development and deployment of off-grid solar solutions across Africa, as the continent’s most promising renewable energy solution.

Phoebe HarperDeane Anderton By Phoebe Harper Deane Anderton

Synercore : Prioritising Customer Excellence

Tertius Cilliers, CEO at Synercore, discusses his company’s customer-centric approach and innovative drive to operations in South Africa

Ghana Rubber Estates : Proudly Ghanaian

Controlling 98 percent of the domestic rubber market, Ghana Rubber Estates Limited is the leading name in the Ghanaian industry.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Stone Three : Supplying Pan-industry Solutions

We speak to Dirk Wagener, General Manager of People Productivity and Health at Stone Three, about the company’s provision of technological solutions for the healthcare industry and beyond.

Marcus KaapaCallam Waller By Marcus Kaapa Callam Waller

Ethanol Company Limited : The Spirit of Transformation

CEO of Ethanol Company Limited, Lusubilo Chakaniza, discusses diversification and increasing visibility for Malawi’s premier ethanol manufacturer.

Phoebe HarperRyan Gray By Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray

Renewable Energy in Nigeria

Examining Nigeria’s urgent need to increase energy access and the country’s nascent renewable energy sector.

Phoebe HarperKrisha Canlas By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

CFAO Technology & Energy : Enabling African Industry

“We contribute to the future of Africa through supporting our customers.” Alexis Madrange, CEO of CFAO Technology & Energy, discusses the company’s efforts towards developing African industry infrastructure.

Marcus KaapaJosh Hyland By Marcus Kaapa Josh Hyland

Paragon Group : Architecture Across Africa

We speak to Henning Rasmuss, Director at Paragon Group, about the organisation operating throughout Africa, its partnerships and latest projects in the continent.

Marcus KaapaDonovan Smith By Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith

Burmeister & Partners : Laying the Foundations for Namibia

We speak to Perez Goseb, Associate Director and Head of the Roads & Stormwater Department at Burmeister & Partners, about the practice’s provision of engineering consultation services within Namibia and the wider continent.

Marcus KaapaDonovan Smith By Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith

Nile Breweries : Brewing for the Community

“We remain market leaders with a clear focus on product quality and a mission to better the world.” David Valencia, Country Director at Nile Breweries Limited, discusses the company’s efforts to provide opportunity and community benefit throughout Uganda and the continent.

Beglin Woods Architects : Building Kenya and Beyond

We speak to David Beglin, founder and Director of Beglin Woods Architects, about the firm’s history of architecture within Kenya and its incorporation of the latest technological tools and practices.

Marcus KaapaDonovan Smith By Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith

Mission Holding Group : Future Residential

Mission Holding Group are the property development specialists bringing homes of the future to the Eastern Cape. We discuss operations with CEO Tjaart Van Der Walt.

Phoebe HarperDonovan Smith By Phoebe Harper Donovan Smith

Arnot OpCo : Community Coal

With people-centric values at the heart of its operations, we speak to Bontle Aphane, CEO of Arnot OpCo, about the company and its historic establishment as the first community-owned coal mine in South Africa.

Marcus KaapaJoshua Mann By Marcus Kaapa Joshua Mann

Medine Group : Developing a Smart Future for Mauritius

Dhiren Ponnusamy, CEO of historic Mauritian enterprise, Medine Group, discusses strategic diversification and delivering the island’s smart city future as a haven for investment.

Adapt IT : Demand and Evolution

“Mobility is the key, and it is what’s driving this particular industry”; Steven Sutherland, Divisional Executive of Adapt IT | Telecoms South Africa, discusses the company’s solutions within the ever-changing telecommunications space.

Marcus KaapaJosh Hyland By Marcus Kaapa Josh Hyland

Marcopolo S.A. : Manufacturing Since 1949

We take a look at Marcopolo S.A. and the company’s design, manufacture and business collaboration to supply bus bodies to the South African market.

Marcus KaapaRyan Gray By Marcus Kaapa Ryan Gray

Macrocomm : Smart Solutions Made Simple

With a reputation as the innovators of IoT, Macrocomm dominate the Southern African Smart Solutions space. CEO Sivi Moodley discusses delivering a smarter tomorrow, today.

Phoebe HarperJosh Hyland By Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland

Lithon Project Consultants : Engineering a Positive Future

We speak to Gert Maritz, CEO of Lithon Project Consultants Namibia, about the firm’s presence in the country, its current projects and future plans in the engineering space.

Marcus KaapaDonovan Smith By Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith

Hospital Holding Investment (AAR Healthcare) : Serving East Africa

Following the acquisition of AAR Healthcare, a renowned name in the region, Hospital Holding Investment is primed for success.

Editorial TeamCallam Waller By Editorial Team Callam Waller

Hlamalane Projects : Defending the Continent

We take a look at Hlamalane Projects and its provision of products and services across the land, sea, air, space and digital realms in the African defence sector.

Marcus KaapaRyan Gray By Marcus Kaapa Ryan Gray

Healthcare Federation of Nigeria : Spotlight

Since 2015, the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria have galvanised the development of the country’s private health sector through their coalition of stakeholders. President Dr. Pamela Ajayi discusses attracting investment and a patient-centric approach.

Phoebe HarperKrisha Canlas By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas