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We take a look at Hlamalane Projects and its provision of products and services across the land, sea, air, space and digital realms in the African defence sector.


As an industry that covers a vast and diverse variety of fields, in Africa, defence is taken seriously. 

Standing as a key industry player within both the civilian and military sectors of pan-African defence is Hlamalane Projects. 

Established in 1978, Hlamalane Projects is developing and working towards becoming internationally recognised as a company in the development, production, servicing, marketingand offering of products and services within the defence space. Hlamalane Projects develops in-house products, as well as markets and supports commercial off-the-shelf products from its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners in the military and security fields. 

Hlamalane Projects’ range of products and services are geared towards the support of land, sea and air spaces. The company is developing one-stop shops and integrated teams of designers backed by industrial professionals who can provide responsive solutions tailored and customised to customers’ needs. With a service portfolio supported by international partners Hlamalane Projects offers the best price combination with the latest automation technologies, low-cost country manufacturing, repairs and calibration facilities as well as Africa-wide engineering support and maintenance. 


Hlamalane Projects specialises in assisting external organisations in shaping the future of their defence systems and equipment, and offers its customers bespoke solutions, by developing and finding the best of African solutions made to solve continental challenges. Hlamalane Projects also ensures that troops and civilians alike undertake missions or evacuations using reliable equipment tailored to their specific operation at hand, and that soldiers are protected against various threats that they could encounter in the field by well-designed and refined products and services that suit any environment.

Hlamalane Projects is a company that is passionate about what it does, and it works tirelessly to help combat terrorism and criminal threats that may be typically faced by its customer base, consisting of the police and military, special forces, bomb squads and first responders, and other similar organisations such as private security firms.

One of Hlamalane Projects’ key service areas is the developing, upgrading, modernising and maintaining of naval, land and air weapon systems and equipment, as well as providing innovative, high-quality sub-systems and components through its OEM partners. As a centre of excellence and long-time partner of international armed forces, Hlamalane Projects has a wealth of experience in various fields of technology – and is therefore constantly at the forefront of the defence industry.

“In close collaboration with our customers and partners, we develop thorough solutions tailored for the challenges of tomorrow”

Hlamalane Projects



As an African defence partner, Hlamalane Projects’ land and security division earns the trust of major governments, corporations and individuals, and has done since its establishment in 1978. This trust is only as good as the solutions Hlamalane Projects provides, and its regional experience, research and design expertise has led to the development of a complete line up of proven defence solutions designed to exceed the need in the harshest conditions on Earth. Hlamalane Projects’ dedicated research and development team is also ready to design any custom configuration that customers may need.

Support Systems

Various military and police bodies around the globe require a strategic partner in ensuring their mobility is unhampered, whether by the world’s most challenging conditions or mission impediments such as breakdown and equipment failure. Hlamalane Projects offers maintenance and servicing, and the company also supplies spare parts, such as tyres, and the conditional monitoring of equipment and services for mission critical hardware and equipment.


Hlamalane Projects is the supplier, support provider and integrator of systems and components for civil and military aviation. Servicing aircraft and helicopters throughout entire vehicle life cycles, the company’s core focuses include maintenance, repair and overhaul services, upgrades, and the development, manufacturing and integration of selected systems with its local and overseas certificated air carrier under FAA Part 135 and 133, Part 145 Repair Station. 

As an African third-tier supplier of aero parts to military and civilian customers, Hlamalane Projects takes pride in the relationships it is growing in the region with OEMs. The company’s activities include avionics refurbishment, retrofitting, fuelling facilities, and the servicing of parts for the military and civilian sectors.

Hlamalane Projects also provides air cargo services, meaning that the company has an offering that supplies specialised cargo services tailor-made to transport high value goods and key personnel to challenging territories in Africa for humanitarian and tactical purposes.


Moving beyond the continent, and indeed the world, South Africa’s opportunity to co-host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), an intergovernmental radio telescope project planned to be built in both Australia and South Africa, has presented commercial opportunities for the company that has led to a unit focused on space infrastructure. This has resulted in an African continental-oriented approach to develop and market products that support this portfolio. Hlamalane Projects’ unit is structured and designed to meet this need offering laboratory, communication electronics and infrastructure.


The ever-growing digital realm is not only the latest and most advanced area requiring focus from companies all over the globe, but also the field that requires the most security. Within this space, Hlamalane Projects focuses on delivering capabilities to facilitate all aspects of cybersecurity system development lifecycles in order to support many of South Africa’s leading defence initiatives. 

Software, infrastructure, and systems engineering teams focus on design, development, implementation, and support for front-end visualisations, service tier implementations, and back-end data management infrastructures (SQL and NOSQL) to enable the company’s big data systems and analytics to support various mission requirements.

Whether it be land, sea, aerospace, beyond the globe or within the digital realm, Hlamalane Projects serves as a key player across Africa’s defence sector and will continue to do so into the future.

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By Ryan Gray Senior Head of Projects