Issue 94

Cervejas de Moçambique : Uniting People for a Better World

People are at the heart of Cervejas De Moçambique. We speak to Country Director, Sandro Assis, about the beverage industry and the company’s efforts towards working with the community for the future.

OLA Energy : Keeping the Continent Moving

Driving an LPG-fuelled future for Africa, OLA Energy is Africa’s leading energy retailer transforming mobility through its pan-continental network. Chief Operating Officer Maurizio Libutti describes a company on the go.

Cable & Wireless Seychelles : World Class Connection

Providing quality connectivity services for over a century, Cable & Wireless Seychelles continues to change the game in local Telecoms. Former CEO Charles Hammond discusses customer service and the advantage of a national workforce.

Phoebe HarperJosh Hyland By Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland

Zambia Chamber of Mines (ZCM) : Spotlight

As Africa’s second largest producer of copper, mining is a staple of the Zambian economy. We examine an industry on the cusp of prosperity in the face of worldwide copper demand.

Phoebe HarperAlfie Wilson By Phoebe Harper Alfie Wilson

Airtel Seychelles : Telecoms From Paradise

Airtel Seychelles has brought the telecommunications revolution to the shores of the African archipelago. We speak to Managing Director, Amadou Dina, to find out more.

Jack SalterJosh Hyland By Jack Salter Josh Hyland

Uganda Cancer Institute : Comprehensive Care

Under the three central pillars of care, research and training, the Uganda Cancer Institute is dedicated to advancing cancer treatment. Executive Director, Dr Jackson Orem, discusses serving the nation’s oncological needs.

Phoebe HarperCallam Waller By Phoebe Harper Callam Waller

Aerosud : Revolutionising Cargo

In pursuit of global partnerships, Johan Steyn, Managing Director of Aerosud, delivers exciting details on the development of faster, greener and more sustainable air cargo.

Jack SalterRyan Gray By Jack Salter Ryan Gray

Tongaat Hulett : Striving for a Sweeter Tomorrow

Tongaat Hulett delivers the sweet taste of sustainability with responsible sugar production and community centred initiatives across Southern Africa.

Advanta Seeds International : From Lab to Field

Regional Head of Africa and the Middle East, Ndavi Muia, tells us about Advanta Seeds, the company using science to revolutionise agriculture.

Strauss Logistics : Keep on Moving

A market leader in fuel and dry cargo distribution, Strauss Logistics celebrates a decade of keeping businesses, economies and life flowing.

Jack SalterCameron Lawrence By Jack Salter Cameron Lawrence

WBHO Building Africa : Leading Pan-African Development

We take a look at WBHO Building Africa, and the company’s key projects and values within the continental construction space.

Marcus KaapaEddie Clinton By Marcus Kaapa Eddie Clinton

PPC Barnet DRC : One Century in Construction

The Democratic Republic of Congo is growing. We take a look at PPC Barnet DRC, and discuss supplying the construction sector with quality cement products with Managing Director, Iqbal Omar.

Marcus KaapaRyan Gray By Marcus Kaapa Ryan Gray

Port Authority of Cotonou : The Beating Heart of Benin

The modernisation of Benin’s economic engine, the Port Authority of Cotonou, is set to bolster the West African country and the wider region, according to Sales and Marketing Director, Kristof Van den Branden.

Jack SalterCameron Lawrence By Jack Salter Cameron Lawrence

Spotlight on South African Plastics

Plastics SA is championing responsible plastic packaging consumption and driving the circular company to guarantee a vital and competitive industry for South Africa. Executive Director, Anton Hanekom, tells us more.

Phoebe HarperJordan Levey By Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey

Pentalin Group : At the Coalface

Providing consistent and reliable coal processing solutions across South Africa and BotswanaIn the fraught context of South African coal mining, Pentalin Group is a leading solutions provider to the industry. We discuss its commitment to operational excellence and the industry’s need for change with CEO, Jaco Scholtz.

Phoebe HarperJoshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

One Acre Fund : Farm Support for the Future

One Acre Fund is a unique organisation with a base mission to help grow the farming communities in Kenya and beyond. We speak to Kelvin Owino, Africa Communications Manager, to learn more.

Newrest : More Than Just Meals

Through remote site management, Newrest has expanded its world-leading catering and hospitality services to logistically challenging locations. Vice President of Remote Sites in sub-Saharan Africa, Julien Bony, tells us more.

Jack SalterKyle Livingstone By Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone

Nammed Medical Aid Fund : Your Healthcare, Your Choice

Nammed Medical Aid Fund is taking the first bold steps towards implementing Project Nammed 2025 to simplify medical aid options in Namibia, as Principal Officer, Gert Grobler, tells us.

Jack SalterCallam Waller By Jack Salter Callam Waller

Moolmans : Premier Mining

As Africa’s premier contract miner, Moolmans has supported the mining industry with specialised services for over 60 years. We explore the company’s customer centric culture with Managing Director, Jerome Govender.

Phoebe HarperJoshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA) : Spotlight

Logistical performance in both domestic and international trade is central to economic growth and competitiveness, and East Africa is no exception.

Jack SalterCameron Lawrence By Jack Salter Cameron Lawrence

Diagnofirm : Pathology You Can Trust

We place Diagnofirm’s high quality medical laboratory services under the microscope, after speaking with Medical Director, Dr. Mohammed Chand.

Jack SalterCallam Waller By Jack Salter Callam Waller