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Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCII) : Spotlight

An overview of Kenya’s industries and the state of the economy as it pursues recovery and sustainability in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Link Africa : Connectivity is Key

Craig Carthy, Chief Executive Officer of Link Africa, talks us through one of South Africa’s fastest-growing providers of cost-effective, high-speed, open-access telecommunications infrastructure.

Jack Salter Josh Hyland By Jack Salter Josh Hyland

Eye in the Sky

Use of drones in the development of African industries

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

What or who has been a source of inspiration for you during your career?

We like to round up each issue by giving featured business leaders the final word. In the current issue we asked “What or who has been a source of inspiration for you during your career?”

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

MTN Benin : Realising a Modern, Connected World

Uche Ofodile, CEO at MTN Benin, discusses the exponential rise of data and how digital disruption is transforming Benin’s telecoms industry.

Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland By Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland

Welcoming a Digital Future

Executives at IoT.nxt discuss the transformation of technology and its rise to prominence in the African industry and beyond.

Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland By Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland

inq.Digital : Future-Proofing Africa

inq.Digital drives digital transformation with a global perspective, offering future-pertinent solutions that pioneer the sustained growth of Africa’s ICT Sector. We discuss operations with Group CEO, Christian Wirtz.

Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland By Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland

Africa’s EdTech Renaissance

Education in Africa developing through the use of tech and supporting companies

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Honoris United Universities

Implementing the latest digital and technological means of learning to create a greater impact on African higher education

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

South Africa Celebrates Heritage Day

Shining a light on the 26th commemoration of Heritage Day in the Rainbow Nation  Writer: Phoebe Harper  Defined as ‘something that is handed down from the past; as a tradition’, heritage is a key cultural component of any national identity. It is a concept pinned to the elements of a country that will be left to the next generation; a rich jigsaw composed of national monuments, natural beauty, literature, music and oral traditions.  For South Africa, this notion is distilled into an annual occasion that grips the country in a series of events, festivities and social gatherings, as the 24th of September heralds the annual celebration of Heritage Day.  An official public holiday, Heritage Day was officially first implemented in 1995 in honour of the country’s variety and wealth in terms of ‘intangible cultural heritage’, or what is commonly referred to as ’living heritage’.  Indeed, as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is renowned for the wealth of its diversity, standing as the cultural umbrella to unite a vast array of nationalities since its settlement. The country’s symbolic moniker was first coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in recognition of the many customs, traditions, histories and languages that call South Africa home.  In acknowledgement of the socially advantageous connotations of these cultural touchpoints, the South African government instils a sense of participation amongst the population, none more so than by sharing in a welcome day off work. This is also reflected across the nation’s schools and institutions, where Heritage Day is truly championed as a catalyst for nation building. Education is the true cornerstone

Editorial Team By Editorial Team