Issue 22

Zenufa Group of Companies : Affordable, Accessible, Availing

Zenufa Laboratories has replicated its early healthcare and manufacturing successes in DRC, into Tanzania and looks forward to the next stage of its geographical and product expansion.

Tuskys : Pay Less, Get More Everyday

Tuskys supermarkets are the most pronounced chain stores found in Nairobi city centre and the surrounding areas.

J.M.V. Textiles : A Tight-Knit Focus

JMV Textiles Group continues to invest and expand in line with its flexible, entrepreneurial approach to maintain its position as an industry leader.

Lusitania Food Products : Positive Thinking, Positive Results

Lusitania Food Products continues to increase and diversify its range of products to complement its equally flexible supply chain management strategy.

Sangio Pipe : SA’S Leading Pipe Producer

Sangio Pipe is focussed on achieving a leading product coupled with exemplary customer service, which will in turn create a long lasting relationship with the end user.

Bokamoso Private Hospital : Specialist Healthcare Providers

Lenmed Health Bokamoso Private Hospital brings a future of good health to thousands of people in the Southern Africa region.

Ghana Rubber Estates Ltd : Stretching Across West Africa

The integration of Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL) into the community has been successfully accompanied by the reinjection of profits to encourage growth.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital : Unparalleled Specialists

A year on and Gertrude's Children's Hospital (Gerties) continues its adventure, expanding its ever-growing reach across Kenya with the advent of outpatient clinics.

Auto Industrial Group : Leaders in Automotive Components

The first port of call for all of South Africa’s major OEMs, Auto Industrial has established itself as a leading market player through ongoing investments and a commitment to quality.

Harlequin International Ghana : Setting the Benchmark

Harlequin International Ghana Limited is backed by a team of experienced, knowledgeable and dependable staff that provide value-add services to its product range.

Imperial Logistics : Pharma Focus for the Future

Imperial Logistics and its ongoing acquisitional drive has ventured into new industry territory over the past two years as it continues to diversify its supply chain offering and footprint.

MRS Oil : Strength of the Stallion

Often considered the supplier of choice in the eyes of the customer, MRS Oil tells us more about their growth in Nigeria’s downstream sector.

Weatherford Algeria : 40 Years of Slick Service

Weatherford Algeria continues to invest and modify its oil service offering as it prepares for industry fluctuations and stronger market competition.

Jindal Africa : Growing our spirit, The African Way

Jindal Africa is working vigorously to entrench and expand its foothold in Africa to the benefit of its holding group and its local stakeholders.

Tigo Ghana : A Brand New Experience

Launching a brand new music service and encouraging more young girls to take an interest in ICT are just two of the ways that Tigo Ghana stands out in a crowded telecoms market.

Ison BPO : Experience-Centric Solutions

ISON BPO assist clients with experience-centric solutions that empower them in enhancing business efficiencies, streamlining operations and reducing costs through Business Process Outsourcing.

Microsoft Nigeria : Driving Innovation

The leading West African arm of Microsoft in Nigeria is living up to its credentials, as it continues to develop technologies in the region, both internally and within the wider business community.

Ericsson SSA : Leading Transformation

Globally-renowned for its technology offering, Ericsson continues to be one step ahead when it comes to the latest communication tech-related products.

MTN Rwanda : Digital Drives Dominance in Rwanda

MTN Rwanda has led the way in the country for more than 15 years and has no intention of resting on its laurels as it introduces its latest innovations.

Airtel Kenya : Kenya’s Telecom Experts

A year on and Airtel Kenya continue to grow from strength to strength, paving the way for other mobile operators.

Noble Azania Investments : One Group, Many Missions

Noble Azania, a known business group in the private sector in Tanzania, is managed by a team of professionals who have had a significant impact on the country’s infrastructure since inception in 1976.