Noble Azania Investments : One Group, Many Missions

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Noble Azania, a known business group in the private sector in Tanzania, is managed by a team of professionals who have had a significant impact on the country’s infrastructure since inception in 1976.


There are very few enterprises which are as closely linked to Tanzania’s development as Noble Azania Group. Over the last three decades the Group has been supporting the country’s economic development, through direct participation in government investment programmes. Noble Azania, a known business group in the private sector in Tanzania, is managed by a team of professionals who have had a significant impact on the country’s infrastructure since inception in 1976. The Group’s motto, one group, many missions, encompasses the diverse range of sectors that Noble Azania works across. The company has been working to achieve consolidation through this diversity, with a focus on profitability and nobility of action.

Bharat Patel, Managing Director of Noble Azania, says that the key to the Group’s success has been the on-time and error-free supply of goods, backed by an in-depth knowledge across the six divisions of the company: “Our repeat orders year-in year-out are testament to our excellent service and competitive rates. Moreover, by focussing on the customer and our market presence, we can focus our efforts on gaining a bigger share of the market thus, making a bigger difference to Tanzania’s economic development.”


Noble Azania’s six divisions cover an expansive range of industry practices including; automotive, textiles, agriculture, alcoholic beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and most recently the real estate business. The company is the sole distributor of BMW and related parts in Tanzania, making it the natural partner of choice when it comes to obtaining quality car parts.

Mr Patel’s father went into business over fifty years ago in the country, and this industry experience and knowledge has been passed through a generation. “Consequently, this industry know-how has been passed to all 300 members of staff. Our understanding of products and services; clients and their requirements is second to none,” Patel cites.


As a legacy company, it is vital that Noble Azania diversify in the face of fluctuating market conditions. “Indeed, we need to secure growth year-in year-out. In the past, our competition was simply in neighbouring countries, now we have to compete on the world stage. Foreign Direct Investors are looking to Africa and as a result, we are looking to work alongside them where possible, to keep up with market trends,” says Patel.

“Globalisation means that most countries have upped their game in terms of quality, but we have to be cautious still in our approach.”

With Tanzania’s GDP promising to average at 7.1% throughout 2015-2019, the country guarantees a safe haven for Noble Azania from now into the future. “This growth is largely driven by improvements to the transport, agriculture, infrastructure and manufacturing areas, and we have a footprint in three of these industries already.”


Since 1996, Noble Azania has been associated with BMW. After fifteen years in 2011, the company were offered full Sales, Service and Spares as the sole distributor of BMW products in Tanzania. “Thanks to the sincere efforts of Noble Motors Team, BMW Tanzania stands second in the entire East African Market and is the largest selling premium car brand in Tanzania. Even after experiencing tough competition of BMW car sales, we have surpassed the industry growth rate,” says Patel.


Investment in people is key to the success of any business, and as such, training is an integral part of Noble Azania’s management system. “We believe that the continuous upskilling of our staff is an integral part of the business, and will help us through future challenges and in our contributions to the longevity of the business.

“Through our programme called ‘Next Step’, we prepare our people for the next position in the hierarchy wherein they are trained in the skills required for specific positions. This applies to key departmental areas including; communications, leadership, team management, negotiations, supply chain management and customer relationship management.

“What’s more is that we often hire external agencies or sponsor our employees to participate in public programmes.”


Patel highlights that Noble Azania’s perseverance, dedication and belief in the final product is key to its continued success in Tanzania: “We cannot and will not ever compromise on quality as customer satisfaction is a crucial determiner for longevity in the country. When the customer is lost, they will not return and it is important to remember this fact.”

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