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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Sangio Pipe is focussed on achieving a leading product coupled with exemplary customer service, which will in turn create a long lasting relationship with the end user.


For many years, Sangio Pipe ran as an entrepreneurial-type medium sized business. In 2013, the company’s previous Managing Director, Gary Warren, unfortunately passed away during the initial stages of a takeover deal with Dawn Group, leaving Sangio Pipe in limbo and without a leader. Now, with Chris Wright at the helm, the company is preparing for a long and prosperous future. “It has been a difficult two years for Sangio Pipe, however the restructure I have implemented is well underway, and I am successfully stabilising the company. Through consolidation of the solid foundations we already have and maintaining customer relationships, I am confident that Sangio Pipe will continue at the high levels it has been known for,” says Sangio Pipe’s new Managing Director.

As a result of continued perseverance, the company hope to achieve a profit by the end of the current financial year. “We need to manage the changes so that we can continue to grow going forward. Through intensive training of our staff, we can make sure that the people we have know exactly what we want to achieve and what is involved in achieving our goals.

“Being part of the Dawn Group is to be part of one of the top 100 companies in South Africa. To be part of such a group means to have a secure position in the market and have capital available to grow Sangio Pipe and maintain market leader status. It is great to know we have a very strong company behind us.”


In a nutshell, there are two key aspects of the business Wright is focussed on; one is introducing a competent sales team that can hit the ground running to introduce Sangio Pipe and its quality products across Africa, and the second is to closely manage operating expenses and create more efficient methodologies in order to become more cost-effective.

“We strive to penetrate markets that traditionally would not draw Sangio Pipe’s attention. We have had a very prosperous ten year agreement with a very large retail business in South Africa. While we still welcome this kind of business, the company has changed its dynamic and is moving into targeting bigger portions of the market.

“By implementing production efficiency methodologies such as TPM (Total Productivity Maintenance), adopted from Toyota, we will move towards world class manufacturing and will continue our goal to be the best in South Africa,” Wright surmises.

The TPM strategy is difficult to maintain on a daily basis without a sound foundation in place. TPM cuts through all parts of the business and you need to have sound foundations to start building a world class TPM status,” Wright comments.


A considerable amount of company training is done to fulfil the needs of autonomous maintenance. “By this I refer to the operator of the machine being able to take care of lubrication, maintenance and inspection duties without the need for external assistance. This method teaches people to look after their own equipment.” When working to TPM standards, the idea is to achieve 100% productivity with no unscheduled breakdowns. With a more efficient factory, Sangio Pipe hopes to gain the edge over the competition.

Wright hopes to impart Sangio Pipe’s mission and vision to all staff. Included in this outlook is a focus on environmental impact and more efficient use of energy. “We will be looking at waste management in order to reduce wastage. This will ultimately have a lesser impact on the environment, which is an instrumental step in our improvement programme.”


Sangio Pipe go to great lengths to ensure that products are delivered on time. In recent years, the company made the decision to diversify into the manufacture of large diameter piping.

“We manufacture Polyolefin pipe ranging in diameter from 16mm to 1000mm covering working pressure from 400kPa to 2500kPa, and pressure classes PN4 – PN25.

“In addition to manufacturing pipes Sangio Pipe offers a complete fabrication solution. Where needed, we can assist in suggestions on application solutions. Sangio Pipe’s aim is to become the most successful producer of HDPE pipes in South Africa,” emphasises Wright.


In current market conditions, customers look for a provider that can complete as many of their needs as possible; whilst also presenting a cost saving and excellent delivery times. “Sangio Pipe has to be able to offer the full basket. Being part of the Dawn Group is advantageous as we are able to access a wider portfolio of services and advise customers accordingly.

“If customers come to us, we can satisfy the majority of their needs. This is our key strength.”

In order to provide a quality product, you need to be as efficient as possible, closely monitor health and safety and environmental impact, and bear in mind that although this quality costs money, it builds a reputation. “As members of SAPPMA [South African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association], we are fighting hard to educate the end-user on the importance of a high quality product, which comes at a higher cost,” Wright concludes. “The purpose of SAPPMA is to create absolute customer confidence in the plastic pipe industry, and there are only three major companies in South Africa that conform to this.

“We at Sangio Pipe pride ourselves in being a Company who provide our customers with quality solutions supported by employees who are passionate about pipes and piping solutions. We value integrity and high moral values. Sangio Pipe is dedicated to the future of this beautiful country we live in, and to this end is committed to the development of employees in providing the best in service delivery and integrity.”

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