Broadcom Communication Networks : Broadening their Horizons

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With a model of excellence in delivering superior and complete ICT solutions, Broadcom Communication Networks strives for a fast response time whilst maintaining a high level of skill and expertise.


Broadband Communication Networks Limited (Broadcom) are a telecommunication solution provider who supply telecommunication network solutions for mobile network operators, fixed network operators and large business customers in Africa.

The company is now 13 years old having opened its doors in June 2001. Over these years, Broadcom have seen a strong and steady growth in revenue. This growth has been fuelled by the liberalisation of the mobile industry in Kenya and the East African region, with the rise in mobile communication customers and infrastructure.

In order to provide the required solutions, the company work with several reputable manufacturers, providing specific areas of expertise and technology transfer. this has enabled Broadcom to develop capacity to meet the dynamic increase in mobile operators’ requirements.

The company have three main sectors that they focus on: New telecommunication network installations services, network maintenance services and network testing products. Within these broad sectors are more disciplined and bespoke services including; design, implementation and commissioning of various types of both wireless and wire-line telecommunication products.

Broadcom are highly experienced with mobile networks covering all network elements including the infrastructure, radio frequency (RF) systems and transmission network.


Broadcom have a company mission statement that underlines their company ethos, they strive to be the “preferred provider of innovative and superior ICT solutions and managed services in East Africa.”

However it does not stop there, Broadcom have that long term vision that all high profile and successful companies have, a vision that allows them to prosper in the solutions market: “We want to be the model of excellence in delivering superior and complete ICT solutions and managed services in Africa.”

The company believes in a set of core values that are at the heart of every project they undertake. Honesty, Integrity Sincerity, Superior Quality are just a few of these values, which have allowed Broadcom to become a recognised and trusted name in the telecommunications field of East Africa.


As demand for more integrated services has arisen in the multi-vendor environment over the last 5 years, Broadcom have embraced this need by offering a complete planning, installation and commissioning of virtually all leading GSM, UMTS and CDMA products in the industry. This all encompassing approach to the market has allowed Broadcom to broaden their horizons. Their engineers have implemented wireless projects in Zimbabwe, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Mali and Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Malawi, Uganda and several in Kenya. In addition to this, they have also provided telecommunication testing solutions across the African Region.

The maintenance division within Broadcom provides complete maintenance solution for the mobile industry. These services include the Base Station Transceiver Site (BTS), maintenance and corrective (Event) maintenance to ensure system serviceability is guaranteed. Broadcom always adhere to maintenance schedules with the required quality control check list in every activity, meeting specific key performance indicators and industry standards of practice. This has ensured that the network operates within set parameters and has improved network availability for customers.


Things can and inevitably do go wrong. So when this happens and an entire network goes down due to such a problem, Broadcom will visit to the sites for urgent equipment repair after a breakdown that might affect network availability. Their teams are strategically located to ensure they have a minimum response time and mean time repair of 3 hours maximum. Considering some of the areas needed to get to can be in remote locations. Broadcom have implemented procedures for deployment and site equipment recoveries in case of major failure to minimize the down time. All this is done with a high level of skill, accuracy and expertise to ensure that the network provider is always satisfied with the level of service they receive and the end user is not affected for longer than necessary.

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