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Editorial Team

Lenmed Health Bokamoso Private Hospital brings a future of good health to thousands of people in the Southern Africa region.


Bokamoso Hospital is a facility owned by Bpomas and run by Lenmed Health, an organisation that also fronts hospitals and other medical health facilities in South Africa and Mozambique. Backed by this level of expertise, the hospital is able to bring together an array of industry specialities to offer patients access to state-of-the-art facilities that is matched by a world class service.


With a mission to provide quality and affordable healthcare to all, Bokamoso remain the largest private specialist hospital in Botswana. “And in order to be able to enhance our status, we intend to open a physical rehabilitation centre in 2015, which will equip us to conduct open heart surgery in the private sector,” says Ruben Naidoo, CEO of Lenmed Health Bokamoso Private Hospital.

Bokamoso Hospital has a clear target to cater to needs which had not previously been met in Botswana, a country which faces many challenges when it comes to health; burdened by HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The hospital is on the frontline and patients can expect the very best levels of treatment. Now, the facility is equipped with over 200 beds and boasts an incredible 60 specialists who are based permanently on site.

Moreover, by choosing to use local suppliers, Bokamoso not only benefit from a cost saving and local support, but they are also making a conscious decision to support local businesses. “We try our best to support the local establishments in order to enhance their growth and contribute to the country’s GDP,” adds Naidoo.


Naidoo says that Bokamoso’s range of specialist services is what truly makes the organisation stand out: “We can offer patients a ‘fully joined-up service’ via our specialities in neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, sports medicine, pathology and gynaecology.”

Additionally, Bokamoso’s other facilities include a cardiac catheterisation lab, an oncology and nuclear medicine unit, a dialysis unit and, radiology. It also houses a rehabilitation unit, an orthopaedic unit, ophthalmology, and has 24-hour accident and emergency services.

“Our five operating theatres can offer a range of procedures including orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery and cardiac surgery and we are growing our specialities all the time with the aim of providing the best medical services to the country,” Naidoo says.

“Our mission is to provide affordable and quality patient care through excellent customer service that meets the standards of our patients, staff, internal and external stakeholders.”

Lenmed Health Bokamoso Private Hospital provides equipment and facilities which other hospitals cannot. “With only two private hospitals in the country, we are the only one backed by two organisations that can offer state-of-the-art services,” explains Naidoo.


The continual rate of advancement in technologies relating to healthcare has changed the medical climate forever. What was once state-of-theart a few years ago has since been upgraded; most likely several times over. Conversely, patients also have improved access to technology – specifically the internet – which has played a large part in empowering the public and their ability to question the medical industry. “Our doctors and hospital are challenged with the level of knowledge patients read on the internet. Therefore, it becomes difficult to convince the public that doctors and nurses know best,” says Naidoo.


The hospital went into sequestration in 2010 and towards end of last year a group from South Africa called Lenmed Health took the reins.

Since the new management took over, the hospital has been on course to do well and its future is looking bright as Naidoo further explains: “This was a pivotal moment for us and our patents are reaping the benefits.”

Even with this takeover, Bokamoso continues to look at ways to improve its pioneering healthcare services and delivery in Botswana. Subsequently, the hospital uses patient satisfaction questionnaires to identify areas in which it is excelling and those that require attention. “We have some tools in place which we use to measure our standards – like the patient satisfaction questionnaires – which give us an idea of areas which we are excelling in and those that we need to address,” comments Naidoo.

“The hospital is developing tremendously, there are so many opportunities for the hospital to grow and meet the needs of Batswana. We play a pivotal role in the future of Botswana’s healthcare industry and being a healthy nation is one of pillars of the country’s vision 2016. We are optimistic about the future and will continue to focus on patient care which is one of the hospital’s core values,” he adds.


As the most well-equipped and specialist hospital in the country, Bokamoso has a huge role to play within the medical industry in Botswana. Health professionals, senior and junior doctors all pull together to offer the very best patient care.

“Being a part of Bpomas and Lenmed is advantageous because between them they own seven hospitals in South Africa and one in Maputo. As a result, they are well-equipped and knowledgeable in the medical field which has been a blessing for us in Botswana.

“We can finally provide the service that the people of Botswana deserve, both now and in the future. This is backed by the strength of our name – Bokamoso – which means ‘the future’ in Setswana,” concludes Naidoo.

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