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Astrol Petroleum 2019

Fuelling Enterprise and Empowerment  Operating in an ever-competitive downstream petroleum market, Kenya’s Astrol Petroleum prides itself on quality, service and integrity to

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Water Utilities Corporation Botswana

Water Turned Welfare Through 800 boreholes, 3,700 employees and 500,000 connections, WUC is serving 2.5 million people across Botswana   Writer: Jonathan Dyble  | 

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United Millers

Feeding the Future United Millers is catering to Kenya’s growing population by producing quality foodstuffs and supporting local farmers, the company now seeking

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Uganda Railways Corporation

Reviving Railways Uganda Railways Corporation is relaunching passenger and freight routes in a bid to revitalise a once forgotten form of transport    Writer:

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RMD Kwikform 2019

Supporting the New Generation RMD Kwikform represents a new breed of resilient, reliable and robust supplier to South Africa’s construction industry, evidenced by

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Pindulo VDM

nder an adventurous leadership team, Pindulo VDM is building on a rich heritage by providing an integrated supply chain solution for clients

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Orange Sierra Leone : Connecting Communities

Globally renowned telco Orange has been present in Sierra Leone for just three years, yet it has already firmly stamped an innovative

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Diasporic Empowerment 10 years in the making, Mukuru has risen from a small concept African startup into a mobile money marvel of migration 

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Mabiza Resources

A Nous for Nickel Owed to extensive feasibility studies and continual investment, Mabiza Resources Ltd is edging ever closer to capitalising on the

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Linkage Assurance

Awakening an Industry Offering first-class, modern, bespoke indemnity products, Linkage Assurance is tapping into the vast potential of Nigeria’s insurance market   Writer: Jonathan

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