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Latest Automotive Corporate Stories

Action Auto Zambia Ltd : With You for the Long Run

Michael Bentley, Managing Director of Action Auto Zambia Ltd, speaks to us about the company’s recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is continuing to put customers’ vehicle requirements and satisfaction at the forefront.

AutoTrader South Africa : Driving Digital

Renowned as South Africa’s most trusted motoring marketplace for 27 years, AutoTrader SA is moving into an exciting, new, transformative era.

Action Auto : Customers for Life

Action Auto is on a mission to achieve lasting relationships with its customers, utilising its history of success and innovation to develop a unique team.

Nissan Kenya : World-Class Service

With Kenya’s vehicle market facing one of the biggest declines in recent history, Nissan Kenya is defying the odds.

Grandmark International : Ruling Set To Reshape Auto Industry

Africa Outlook talks to Grandmark International's Steven Ongchin about how a landmark court ruling could pave the way for a more open and competitive motor industry.