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Latest Food & Beverage Corporate Stories

COMACO : For the Love of Nature

COMACO is a not-for-profit built to incentivise conservation, improve social security and turn the tide on poaching and deforestation. We speak with Dale Lewis, the man behind its philanthropic model.

Twiga Foods : Taking Food Further

Twiga Foods has become a critical part of Kenya’s economy, having helped to formalise the country’s informal agriculture sector by backing 17,000 smallholder farmers 

Kenya Wine Agencies Limited : Improving with Age

Having passed the 50-year milestone, Kenya Wine Agencies Limited is investing in the future of the nation’s beverage industry, introducing new brands and empowering local communities.

Jambo Food Products Ltd 2020 : Quenching East Africa’s Thirst

Jambo Food Products continues to upscale its beverage production capabilities at its highly efficient site in Tanzania.

Is blockchain technology impacting the FMCG market in South Africa?

Blockchain technology allows consumers to track products and fully understand what goes in their foods

Africa Improved Foods 2019 : Nourishing Nations

Africa Improved Food produces high-quality nutritious foods made from maize grown by over 35,000 Rwandan farmers that treat and prevent malnutrition across East Africa.

Java House : A Tale of Transformation

East Africa’s most successful coffeehouse chain, Java House, is set to embark on an exciting new chapter as it turns 20 years old.

Southern Oil : The Canola Curator 

Having introduced the canola crop to South Africa in the 1990s, Southern Oil has created a diverse portfolio of products under its B-Well brand which continues to identify with consumers.

Checkers Food Services : Finding Value in Food Service

Checkers Food Services is showing how effective, efficient operations translate into mutual benefits for all.

United Millers : Feeding the Future

United Millers is catering to Kenya’s growing population by producing quality foodstuffs and supporting local farmers.