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Latest Energy & Utilities Corporate Stories

Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) : Spotlight

We talk to the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) about the growth of renewable energy across the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the increasing exploitation of solar power. 

Winch Energy: Serving the Developing World

With an estimated 770 million people worldwide without electricity, internet or water, Winch Energy seeks to overcome this challenge through designing and producing robust, cost-effective engineering solutions for the off-grid electricity market.

Uganda National Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Alliance

Founded in 2014, the Uganda National Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA) aims to galvanise the renewable energy sector.

GoodWe : The Potential of Solar Power

With endless possibilities in solar power, Andrew Tyler, Sales and Business Development Manager at GoodWe, discusses its localised approach.

ARC Power : Connecting Rwanda

In Rwanda, seven million people live without power. Karl Boyce, CEO of ARC Power, discusses his mission to connect the country.

The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria : Spotlight

The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria aims to increase energy access across Nigeria's nascent renewable energy sector.

GOGLA : Spotlight on Off-Grid Solar Energy

Exploring the development and deployment of off-grid solar solutions across Africa, as the continent’s most promising renewable energy solution.

How a New Wave of Reforms Could Change Africa’s Energy Story

Dr. Kevin K. Kariuki, Vice President for Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth, at the African Development Bank

Virunga Power : Rural Electrification at Utility Scale

Virunga Power Founder and CEO Brian Kelly talks to us about designing for scale and innovation in the African energy sector.

South Africa’s Solar Photovoltaic Industry : Full Steam to Solar

With 2,500 hours of sunlight a year, South Africa's Solar Photovoltaic Industry offers the potential to overcome the current energy crisis.