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Expert Eye: The Need for Private Sector Investment into Renewable Energy

With the continent's population forecast to double by 2050, energy demand will increase at an even faster rate. AIIM's Vuyo Ntoi looks into the issue

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Exploring the Future of Hydropower in Africa

Can hydropower offer the solution to the African continent's need for sustainable electrification?

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New Southern Energy

New Southern Energy is spearheading a solar revolution in South Africa and beyond with its smart photovoltaic solutions.

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Interview: Wärtsilä’s Ville Rimali on Africa’s electrification challenges

Ville Rimali, Director of Growth & Development for Africa & Europe at Wärtsilä, discusses the challenges facing the African continent in its bid to implement much-needed electrification

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Xylem Africa

Let’s Solve WaterWith a vast portfolio of leading-edge solutions, Xylem’s recently unified Africa division is united in its ambition to safeguard the continent’s most precious (and scarce) resource  Writer: Tom Wadlow  |  Project Manager: Donovan Smith Soaring human demand for water has created a crisis.   Despite covering almost 70 percent of the earth, we rely on the 2.5 percent of water which is fresh, and 99 percent of that is not easily accessible, the majority being trapped in glaciers and snowfields.   Indeed, it is fascinating to consider that the water we drink today has likely existed in one form or another for hundreds of millions of years, a resource once consumed by dinosaurs who roamed the earth. Since then the amount of freshwater on our planet has remained fairly constant, recycled through the atmosphere and back onto earth countless times to fuel and feed all forms of life.  Innovation through the ages, from Archimedes’ Screw and Roman aqueducts to turbines and distillation techniques, have enabled humans to make the most out of water, the leveraging of which has fuelled industrial and agrarian revolutions all over the world.    But there is a problem. The last two centuries have witnessed a population explosion unlike anything seen in civilizational history – in 1800 there were a little under 990 million people on earth, whereas today that figure reads closer to 7.8 billion.   Africa is home to around 1.33 billion people, or 16.7 percent of the global population. Most estimates agree that at current growth rates (around 2.5 percent a year), the continent

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Off-grid solar: The $24 billion opportunity

Off-grid solar and fintech have been tipped to provide the long-term, sustainable solution to powering the African continent and connecting millions of citizens to the digital economy

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Expert Eye: Plugging Africa’s energy infrastructure gap

How African countries can be supported to expand their energy infrastructure and improve access to electricity

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An interview with Puma Energy Africa CEO Eghosa Oriaikhi Mabhena

Puma Energy Africa's Eghosa Oriaikhi Mabhena, recently named among the top 100 female CEOs in Africa, discusses her journey to the top of the industry

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Looking ahead to the Africa Energy Indaba in Cape Town

The Africa Energy Indaba is the continent's definitive energy event, providing an agenda that influences energy policy for Africa

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Expert Eye: Exploring energy innovation beyond the grid

Santosh Naidoo of African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) discusses how off-grid solutions can open up access to electricity for millions of unconnected African citizens

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