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Virunga Power : Rural Electrification at Utility Scale

Virunga Power Founder and CEO Brian Kelly talks to us about designing for scale and innovation in the African energy sector.

South Africa’s Solar Photovoltaic Industry : Full Steam to Solar

With 2,500 hours of sunlight a year, South Africa's Solar Photovoltaic Industry offers the potential to overcome the current energy crisis.

Rubicon Group : Electrifying a Continent

Rubicon Group has a mission: to help every home, business and community in Africa become more sustainable and energy resilient.

The Need for Private Sector Investment into Renewable Energy

With the continent's population forecast to double by 2050, energy demand will increase at an even faster rate. AIIM's Vuyo Ntoi looks into the issue

Exploring the Future of Hydropower in Africa

Can hydropower offer the solution to the African continent's need for sustainable electrification?

New Southern Energy : Electrifying Africa with Renewable Energy

New Southern Energy is spearheading a solar revolution in South Africa and beyond with its smart photovoltaic solutions.

Interview: Wärtsilä’s Ville Rimali on Africa’s electrification challenges

Ville Rimali, Director of Growth & Development for Africa & Europe at Wärtsilä, discusses the challenges facing the African continent in its bid to implement much-needed electrification

Xylem Africa : Let’s Solve Water

With a vast portfolio, the recently unified Xylem Africa is united in its ambition to safeguard the continent’s most precious resource.

Off-grid solar: The $24 billion opportunity

Off-grid solar and fintech have been tipped to provide the long-term, sustainable solution to powering the African continent and connecting millions of citizens to the digital economy

Plugging Africa’s Energy Infrastructure Gap

Damien Simon talks to us about how African countries can be supported to expand their energy infrastructure and improve access to electricity.