Issue 18

Amathole District Municipality : Building on Historical Heritage

Amathole District Municipality are committed towards selfless, excellent and sustainable service to all their communities.

Soliton Telmec : Building Networks for Life

Soliton Telmec works across the entire East Africa telecommunication engineering ecosystem from conceptual design and needs analysis, to maintenance and service connection.

City Of Johannesburg Metro Municipality

the late Nelson Mandela described Johannesburg as the city of “vibrancy and activity, the centre of our country’s prosperity, providing that opportunity to create a better life for all.”

Ugu District Municipality

Ugu District Municipality offers its public socio-economic opportunities and high quality residential services.

Vital Products Ltd : Vital Players in the Food Industry

With new methods of food preservation, Vital Products aim to help lower the costs of consumer products in the open market.

Daily Need Group : A Friend in Need

For over 44 years, the Daily-Need Group have manufactured high quality products for the Nigerian consumer market.

Arenel : Experience, Quality, Innovation

Through their three core values of integrity, loyalty and hard work, Managing Director Joshua Lepar is confident that the future is bright for Arenel.

British American Tobacco Nigeria : Nigeria’s Leaders in Tabacco

British American Tobacco (BAT) Nigeria are well on their way to sustaining the lead in product innovation and quality initiatives in tobacco products, whilst retaining brand loyalty.

Scatec Solar : South Africa’s Sustainable Solar Future

Scatec Solar are looking to become the biggest provider of solar energy in Africa and contribute towards the continent's renewable future.

Weatherford Services & Rentals Ltd : East is the New West

In East Africa, Weatherford is a provider of upstream products and services that span the life of the oil and natural gas wells through a formation evaluation, well construction, completion, stimulation and production portfolio.

Umoya Energy : Power Pioneers

For Umoya Energy it is an exciting time for renewable energies in South Africa: the country enters Round 4 bidding for wind generation in August this year.

Atraco International (K) Ltd : Delivering on the Atraco Promise

Over the past five years, Atraco have held a stellar reputation through upholding good business practice and ethics in all of their business dealings.

HC Heat-Exchangers : Engineering Excellence

HC Heat-Exchangers manufacture an extensive range of quality products for both commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications, right the way through to large custom built units suitable for all manner of industrial applications.

MRE South Africa : South Africa’s Custom Coolers

Through hard work and a strong growth strategy, MRE South Africa hope to adapt to market changes and continue to provide a top-class service in industrial refrigeration long into the future.

Paarl Media Group : Professional Personal Printers

The Paarl Media Group is a true African company who has invested both time and money into their business research and development.

Airtel Seychelles : Bringing Innovation to Seychelles First

Boasting a dedication to technological innovation, Airtel Seychelles bring the latest technologies and data services straight to the user.