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How Standard Chartered is leading the war on wildlife crime

Standard Chartered's Southern Africa CEO Jerry Kweku Bedu-Addo is determined to win the war on wildlife crime, leveraging the power of the company to hit criminals where it hurts the most – their bank accounts

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Powering Port Elizabeth and Beyond

Maluti-A-Phofung Municipality

Unlocking Sustainable GrowthWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron Rampling In pursuit of its Vision 2020 to become more technologically advanced and unlock new socio-economic development with the help of the indigenous entrepreneurial spirit of the local people, Maluti-A-Phofung (MAP) Local Municipality – situated in the Free State Province of South Africa – is targeting a more equitable, sustainable, healthy and crime-free societal future.Established in December, 2001, in accordance with the relevant Government policies, Maluti-A-Phofung comprises 35 wards across approximately 4,421 square kilometres situated in one of the “most beautiful landscapes in the world”.“By 2020, unemployment and poverty will be unheard of and we will open ourselves to the rest of the world to discover our unique African cultural history,” says the Municipality.Made up of four former TLC local authorities – namely QwaQwa Rural, Kestell, Phuthaditjhaba and Harrismith – the Municipality combines rural villages established on tribal lands with urban landscapes and has access to strategic trade links that serve the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. “Harrismith is an economic hub for people living in Tshiame, Intabazwe and Qwaqwa. By contrast, the rural areas of MAP comprise commercial farms and major nature conservation centres such as Qwaqwa National Park, Platberg, Sterkfontein Dam and Maluti Mountain Range,” MAP highlights.“The area is not only a tourist attraction destination, but also contributes immensely to local upliftment by generating gross agricultural income for the whole of the Province and is also highly regarded for its beef production.”Free StateWith a mission statement that encompasses self-reliance and coordination with various stakeholders in the delivery of development and sustainability,

eThekwini Municipality

A Smart and Caring CityWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Nick Norris As one of the most significant regions of, historically, Africa’s most economically significant country, eThekwini Municipality in South Africa continues to work towards its 2030 vision of becoming the most caring and liveable city in the country.Targeting a Durban city which enables all citizens to live together in harmony, the organisational structure working tirelessly behind the scenes tackles a plethora of cultural, industrial, social, economical and political challenges each and every day to veer the municipality closer to this ideal in the KwaZulu-Natal province.As the third largest city in the country, comprising a population of more than three million people, it is largely acknowledged for housing the best managed and busiest port on the continent, and is subsequently a tourism hub thanks to its climate and coastline also.This takes the personnel count considerably higher for a local government which has far more than general upkeep to address on an annual basis.Spanning key areas of tourism, the environment, community involvement, housing, sustainability, public services, pensions, energy, technology and engineering, transport, health, leisure, safety and sanitation; dropping the ball even slightly across any of these facets would be disastrous for a city with such high aspirations.“We are a diverse African city that is focused on citywide investment, growing our economy and creating a better quality of life. In Durban we play hard and we work hard,” the Municipality stated. “It’s not a coincidence that we attract so many local and international tourists on a daily basis. We are a

Amathole District Municipality

Building on Their Historical Heritage Amathole District Municipality are committed towards selfless, excellent and sustainable service to all their communities Writers Matt Bone Project Manager Stuart Shirra The Amathole District Municipality (ADM) is on the eastern coastline of South Africa and was established after the local government elections in December 2000. The municipality stretches from the Indian Ocean coastline in the south to the Amathole Mountains in the north, and from Mbolompo in the east to the Great Fish River in the west. The district lies at the heart of the Eastern Cape Province and is presently home to about 1.7 million people. The economy of the district is dominated by Buffalo City, which comprises the coastal city of East London, King William's Town, Mdantsane and the provincial administrative capital of Bhisho. Amathole is a land of rivers and fertile floodplains, rolling grasslands, valley bush, estuaries, beaches, forests and waterfalls. The bio-diversity of the district is often remarked upon by tourists and locals alike and this could have possible options for future socio-economic developments and competitive advantages. Sectors Sectors that provide formal employment in the district are: Public services 75,000 jobs; manufacturing 27,000 jobs; trade 25,000 jobs; and agriculture 17,000 jobs. The Amathole District's existing manufacturing sector includes the automotive, textile, pharmaceutical, electronics and food processing industries. The automotive industry has strong linkages into activities such as component parts, industrial textiles and leather tanning. Globally recognised companies operating in the district include: DaimlerChrysler SA, Johnson & Johnson, China Garments, Nestlé, First National Battery, Aspen Pharmacare, Yarntex

City Of Johannesburg Metro Municipality

Africa's Finance and Economic Capital the late Nelson Mandela described Johannesburg as the city of "vibrancy and activity, the centre of our country's prosperity, providing that opportunity to create a better life for all" Writers Emily Jarvis Project Manager Stuart Shirra The City of Johannesburg is the economic capital of South Africa and a heartland of trade and economic activity in Africa. It is home to the headquarters of most local and multinational companies in banking, finance and industry because of its nationally acclaimed economic and social infrastructure. It also houses the Johannesburg securities and Bond Exchange, the largest stock exchange on the continent. With a population of over 4 million people, Johannesburg is a bustling metropolis which offers locals and visitors an experience as unique and diverse as the city itself. as the biggest of South Africa's eight metropolitan municipalities, it is the destination of choice for both skilled and unskilled migrant workers from beyond the provincial borders of Gauteng and national frontiers, and is a gateway to other destinations in southern Africa. Johannesburg is an inland city located in the province of Gauteng, the wealthiest of South Africa's nine provinces which occupies only 1.4% of South Africa's land area, but contributes more than 33% to the national economy and a phenomenal 10% to the GDP of the entire African continent. It is a city which is rolling out innovative solutions in the fields of alternative energy, public transport and high-speed broadband; a caring city that looks after its people through its housing initiatives, its

UGU District Municipality

South Africa's Hub for Socio-Economic Development Ugu District Municipality offers its public socio-economic opportunities and high quality residential services Writers Matt Bone Project Manager Stuart Shirra Ugu District Municipality offers some of the best examples of pure sub-tropical, bush land and woodland in KwaZulu- Natal. Alongside the sprawling natural areas, there are small rural villages, active urban centres and major industrial locations. Boasting a coastline of 112 kilometres, Ugu is a favourite tourist destination, and includes the well established coastal towns of Port Shepstone, Pennington, Margate and Scottburgh. The modern N2 highway runs through Ugu parallel to the sea, passing Port Shepstone, the seat of the District Municipality and the main commercial centre. Ugu District Municipality has a simple vision for its residents, to be "a place where everyone benefits equally from socio-economic opportunities and services." The availability of housing, education, health and recreational facilities all contribute to a beneficial lifestyle for the residents. Amenities include internationally acclaimed golf courses, cinemas, social services and large shopping malls such as the 28,000m2 Shelly Beach Mall and the new South Coast Mall. Electricity is available throughout the district via Eskom's national grid and the high level of rainfall ensures that there is an abundance of water, both of which are considered stable sources. The prosperity of the economy can be put down to two reasons: tourism and agriculture. There is also some manufacturing centred around Port Shepstone, but this does not contribute as much to the economy as the others. The Hibiscus Coast Municipality is the most concentrated

Manguang Metropolitan Municipality

At the heart of it all Mangaung Metro Municipality is a category A municipality with a vibrant and strong economy, driven by the government sector Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Stuart Shirra Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality is a Category A municipality covering an area of 6284km². It is situated in the Free State province, in the central of South Africa. The Free State is bordered by the Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and North West provinces, as well as by the neighbouring country of Lesotho. Mangaung, meaning "Place of the Cheetahs", highlights the vibrant, dynamic and energetic character of the tourism industry in the "City on the move". The economy is strongly driven by the government sector, which has seen the significant growth in the last five years as a result of increased government programmes in local neighbourhood and residential improvement projects, such as new housing and facilities management. The finance sector is the second-fastest growing sector due to big drives in real estate and construction developments, which have also helped the local companies looking to increase their footprint in the municipality. Small businesses have a major role to play in the South African economy, and especially those in the Mangaung area, in terms of employment creation, income generation and financial stability. There are approximately 12 million people in South Africa that are actively involved in the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) sector, which accounts for approximately 60 percent of all employment. In an area such as Mangaung, with its fairly high levels of unemployment

uThungulu District Municipality

Strengthening Uthungulu's Infrastructure uThungulu strives to be an economically viable district, with effective infrastructure that supports job creation through economic growth, rural development and promotion of their rich heritage Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Stuart Shirra The magnificent uThungulu District is located in the north-eastern region of the KwaZulu-Natal province on the eastern seaboard of South Africa. The District has the third highest population in the province and stretches from the agricultural town of Gingindlovu in the south, to the uMfolozi River in the north and inland to the mountainous beauty of rural Nkandla. uThungulu strives to be an economically viable district, with effective infrastructure that supports job creation through economic growth, rural development and promotion of their rich heritage. For the seventh time, the District were awarded Best IDP (Integrated Development Plan) in the province, remaining in the top 10 IDP's for over ten years. In order to create a prospering district, the Municipality have a series of strong missions: ● Rural development, agrarian reform and food security; ● Creating economic growth and decent job opportunities; ● Fighting crime and corruption; ● Promoting quality education for all; ● Improving quality of health; ● Community participation, nation building and good governance. Gateway to the World uThungulu's gateway to the world markets is the Port of Richards Bay, which is the largest deep-water port on the African continent. The harbour facilities at Richards Bay are world-class and there is tremendous potential for further expansion of this Industrial Development Zone. "This has resulted in Richards Bay becoming the

Ekurhuleni Muncipality

Ekurhuleni's Aerotropolis set for take off Key to Ekurhuleni municipality's 2055 Growth and Development Strategy is the aerotropolis masterplan. Africa Outlook has a look at the proposals. Writer Ian Armitage Project manager Stuart Platt It's no secret that there needs to be improvement in how South Africa is managed at a national, provincial and municipal level. According to the auditor general, only five percent of municipalities obtained clean audit reports in the financial year 2011/2012. There are currently 343 municipalities in the country and worryingly five of South Africa's nine provinces did not have a single municipality with a clean audit, including Gauteng, the country's economic engine. The Gauteng Province is divided into three metropolitan municipalities – City of Johannesburg, City of Tswane, and Ekurhuleni - and two district municipalities (Sedibeng and West Rand), which are further divided into seven local municipalities. In 2009, the Gauteng Provincial Government deployed a specialised team in Ekurhuleni to assist in accelerating 'the provision of services, infrastructure development and to deal with outstanding disputes'. The municipality had been facing challenges in its finances, infrastructure and planning. It also lagged behind in providing key services. The municipality requested that the provincial government step in and deploy a team to assist in the short term, isolating and resolving issues that may be impeding proper service delivery in specific areas. Much has since changed. But there is still work to be done. In his latest state of the city address, Mayor Mondli Gungubele talked at length about the municipality's 2055 Growth and Development