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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

For over 44 years, the Daily-Need Group have manufactured high quality products for the Nigerian consumer market.


The Daily-Need group (DNG) began life as Daily-Need Chemist, the brainchild of Dr. Matthew Oyin Jolayemi, in 1970. After two years of trading, the manufacturing of cosmetics started in Surulere and their first product, Paulina Beauty Cream, was created on the 19th November 1972; whilst pharmaceuticals were added the following year. The foray into pharmaceuticals commenced with the production of Penicillin Ointment.

The organisation made a giant stride in 1974 by moving into its factory which it still occupies today, and in the same year, Daily-Need Toothpaste was launched into the market for the first time which proved to be a big success.

In the last six years, through company evolution and consumer research, DNG have been able to reposition themselves as a market driven establishment which is sensitive and understanding to the need of the everyday consumer.

Tosin Jolayemi, Managing Director of the Daily-Need group, considers that the company’s 42 years of successful operating can now be used as a springboard to propel the company into the next stage of becoming a vertically integrated and national company: “we have succeeded in having a solid foundation for future growth. The next phase in our development programme is to set up a modern factory which complies with all world Health organisation requirements. Every piece of machinery we have acquired recently has been put into motion to achieve this within the shortest time possible. Our vision is to be one of the top three in the consumer business industry in Africa within the next few years.”


One of the biggest challenges faced by DNG in recent years has been the lack of skilled workers ready to walk into a job in the company. When the new factory was built at a cost of N4 Billion, DNG had to import workers from India to not only build the new factory, but also install all the new machinery that was being fitted at the new site.

“The lack of highly skilled workers in Nigeria has been a problem for us over the last few years. Our industry and factories require workers with a particular skill set that cannot be taught in a week. During the building of our new factory, we placed new recruits alongside the experienced Indian workers in a kind of apprentice scheme for several months. The results after 6 months were very positive as on-the-job training enabled the workers to enhance their skill sets greatly,” Jolayemi remarked.

The second biggest hurdle DNG have to overcome is the lack of stable infrastructure in Nigeria. Although the country is considered one of the stronger African countries for developed infrastructure, they are still lacking in several key areas including a sustained power supply and general technological advancement. Government help and funding are ensuring that the infrastructure is beginning to improve, which will be of benefit to the DNG.


When it comes to ensuring the business remains a success and keeps ahead of the curve, DNG are a company that like to set trends and implement changes in the market, rather than follow them. Jolayemi prides himself on attending several global exhibitions in the areas of machinery and manufacturing processes, in countries such as Germany, Korea, China and India to enable him to bring the latest technologies and product innovation to the African market before his competitors do so. “The expos are a great source of product information and new technologies being used in the global markets. By attending, I am able to get a step ahead of my competitors in bringing potential market leading technology to the Nigerian and African markets. This places DNG in a strong position to move the market in our favour,” Jolayemi reasons.


Whilst already having good products in the market, Daily-Need group are always looking at bringing to light new additions to their product range. Over the next 12 months, nine new products will be brought into the Nigerian market, although what they are remains a secret but if the success seen by previous products is anything to go by, then these new items will be flying off the shelves in no time at all. “We have created our new products with a keen emphasis on high quality and consumer needs in mind, and I have little doubt that they will become market leaders in their own right. Only time will tell,” proclaims Jolayemi.

With two generations of the family already working for DNG, Tosin Jolayemi is hoping that the knowledge and passion for the company and products that was passed on to him by his father, will in turn be passed to the next generation who will one day take over the running of the business. “For me, the reason we have been so successful is down to our belief in the Almighty God for his divine guardian coupled with the knowledge and passion that was passed down. You cannot truly promote a product or company unless you love the product and have a passion to see it succeed. I hope I can instil the same level of enthusiasm and passion into the next generation as my father did for me,” concludes Jolayemi.

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