Explore Issue 91 of Africa Outlook. Featuring executive interviews, corporate stories, company profiles and industry insights from across Africa.

Africa Outlook Issue 91

CFAO Technology & Energy : Enabling African Industry

“We contribute to the future of Africa through supporting our customers.” Alexis Madrange, CEO of CFAO Technology & Energy, discusses the company’s efforts towards developing African industry infrastructure.

Paragon Group : Architecture Across Africa

We speak to Henning Rasmuss, Director at Paragon Group, about the organisation operating throughout Africa, its partnerships and latest projects in the continent.

Burmeister & Partners : Laying the Foundations for Namibia

We speak to Burmeister & Partners about the practice’s provision of engineering consultation services within Namibia and the wider continent.

Nile Breweries : Brewing for the Community

David Valencia, Country Director at Nile Breweries Limited, discusses the company’s efforts to provide opportunities throughout Uganda.

Beglin Woods Architects : Building Kenya and Beyond

We speak to David Beglin, founder and Director of Beglin Woods Architects, about the firm’s history of architecture within Kenya.

Mission Holding Group : Future Residential

Mission Holding Group are the property development specialists bringing homes of the future to the Eastern Cape.

Arnot OpCo : Community Coal

We speak to Arnot OpCo about the company and its historic establishment as the first community-owned coal mine in South Africa.

Medine Group : Developing a Smart Future for Mauritius

Dhiren Ponnusamy, CEO of Mauritian enterprise Medine Group, discusses delivering the island’s smart city future as a haven for investment.

Adapt IT | Telecoms South Africa : Demand and Evolution

Steven Sutherland, Divisional Executive of Adapt IT, discusses the company’s solutions within the ever-changing telecommunications space.

Marcopolo S.A. : Manufacturing Since 1949

We take a look at Marcopolo S.A. and the company’s design, manufacture and business collaboration to supply bus bodies in South Africa.