Marcus Kaapa

104 Business Articles

GIBB Mining : Mining with Clients at the Core

South Africa is a nation of abundant natural resources and a growing mining industry. We speak with Alan Wingrove, Managing Director of GIBB Mining, about the company’s provision of mining consultancy services across the country and beyond.

Douglasdale Dairy : From Farm to Fridge

We speak to Douglasdale Dairy CEO Rob Ward about the sector at large and the company’s operations within the space.

Dangote Cement Tanzania : The Building Blocks of Africa

A giant in the African construction sphere, we speak to Dangote Cement Tanzania about the company’s regional and national projects and operations.

Comsol Networks : From Industry to IoT

Justin Colyn, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Comsol Networks, discusses the company’s quality provision of wireless connectivity.

Bacardi South Africa : Spirit of the Rainbow Nation

We spoke to Bacardi South Africa about its adaptation and agility in the face of a shifting consumer and commercial environment.

Africa Improved Foods : Nourishing Rwanda

We speak to Africa Improved Foods and its Country Director, Prosper Ndayiragije, about the company’s mission and purpose.

Stone Three : Supplying Pan-industry Solutions

We speak to Dirk Wagener, General Manager of People Productivity and Health at Stone Three, about the company’s provision of technological solutions for the healthcare industry and beyond.

Paragon Group : Architecture Across Africa

We speak to Henning Rasmuss, Director at Paragon Group, about the organisation operating throughout Africa, its partnerships and latest projects in the continent.

Nile Breweries : Brewing for the Community

David Valencia, Country Director at Nile Breweries Limited, discusses the company’s efforts to provide opportunities throughout Uganda.

Marcopolo S.A. : Manufacturing Since 1949

We take a look at Marcopolo S.A. and the company’s design, manufacture and business collaboration to supply bus bodies in South Africa.