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Dunlop Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd

Pursuing Operational ExcellenceWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron Rampling The effects of globalisation, rapid technological advancement, a 24-seven culture and the introduction of millennials to the work place (to mention a few paradigm shifts), have had noticeable consequences to the business landscape we find ourselves in. The ability to navigate and thrive in an environment that is volatile requires a different set of leadership skills and an innovative approach to strategy formulation and implementation. Dunlop believes that its people are its greatest competitive advantage and the development of a culture that inspires, retains and attracts the right talent is a top priority for the Company.Following a series of mergers and acquisitions since the 1990s, Dunlop Industrial Products (Dunlop) has made concerted efforts to strengthen and expand its product portfolio and manufacturing operations in order to optimise future growth prospects.Since joining the Company, Managing Director, Trevor Howard-Tripp has played a key part in driving growth within the Dunlop operation. He explains: “Dunlop Industrial Products is now owned by REMA TIP TOP, a German-based organisation with a significant global footprint. REMA TIP TOP is present in 117 countries and has 13 manufacturing facilities globally. We are able to leverage synergies from the Group to

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Toplis & Harding

In wake of disaster: the new frontier Africa is the “new frontier”, the last major unsaturated market of the world that is attracting international trade and foreign direct investment. Africa Outlook talks with Prahlad Nathwani, the man who runs Toplis and Harding’s operations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Writer Ian ArmitageProject manager Donovan Smith Toplis and Harding can trace its heritage back over 200 years and, from five strategically located offices in East Africa, it provides professional services to “both local and international insurance markets in all aspects of claim handling arising from marine, fire, accident, contractors all risks, liability and special risks policies”. Of course East Africa is a region on the up. Trade is increasing. Economies are growing. It is attracting investment. It all means 2012 — and so far 2013 — have been good for the likes of Toplis and Harding. “The business is performing very well within a context of regional macroeconomic stability and economic prosperity driven by overall growth in telecommunications, transport and financial intermediation, manufacturing, construction and trade,” says managing director Prahlad Nathwani. “The nature of our business essentially means that more regional economic vibrancy leads to more domestic and international trade, which gives

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