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Tigo Tanzania

Talking Tanzania Over the last 18 months, Tigo Tanzania has expanded their network coverage to bring a full range of digital services to a wider audience Writers Matt Bone Project Manager Donovan Smith Since 1994, Tigo Tanzania has been bringing a digital lifestyle that is second to none in the region. With highly competitive and affordable services including voice, data services and mobile financial services, Tigo has registered over 7 million subscribers to their network. Tigo is one of the largest companies in the country, employing around 650 people directly and indirectly employing approximately 15,000 people, through distribution networks offering products and airtime and direct sales centres. Diego Gutierrez, General Manager of Tigo Tanzania, has set his sights on helping make Tigo the number one provider of new and traditional mobile services to the region, through a combination of innovative new technologies in all handsets and a constantly expanding data network: "Every one of our subscribers has opted to use our products, whether it be for calls and texts, data services, financial services or for social interaction because we offer a stable and wide reaching network that is the most affordable on the market." Expanding Horizons Over the last 18 months, Tigo Tanzania has further expanded their already national network into further towns in the Lake, Northern and Southern regions of the country to bring their range of services to a wider audience. With a third of Tanzania's population living in isolated and rural areas, having a telecommunications provider in that area can really make a

Oracle EMEA : Oracle In Europe

Oracle has become one of the largest technology companies in the world on the strength of its extensive portfolio of software and hardware products.

Airtel Seychelles : Bringing Innovation to Seychelles First

Boasting a dedication to technological innovation, Airtel Seychelles bring the latest technologies and data services straight to the user.

Soliton Telmec

Building Networks for Life Soliton Telmec works across the entire East Africa telecommunication engineering ecosystem from conceptual design and needs analysis, to maintenance and service connection Writers Matt Bone Project Manager Donovan Smith Soliton Telmec limited is a telecommunications Technology Company with their Head Office based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company was established in 2005, after evolving from Soliton Systems (est. 1999). The company builds and supports both the basic and complex infrastructure required to enable electronic communications across the nation, which includes data centres, fibre optic lines; and the related routing and transmission equipment, including on-going support backed by Service Level Agreement. With subsidiary offices in Kampala, Uganda and a branch in Mombasa, Kenya to support project implementation in the region, Soliton Telmec provides services across the East African region. Abdirahman Sheikh, CEO of Soliton Telmec, regards the company's strong relationship with clients as one of its biggest assets: "We work with our customers at the design stage to choose the most optimal solution using desktop tools, and throughout the process we maintain field teams to ensure that our customers services remain up and running. I think that it is this level of care and attention to our customer's requirements that sets us apart from our competitors." A New Level of Service Soliton Telmec works across the entire ecosystem of telecommunication engineering technology from conceptual design and needs analysis, to maintenance and service connection. They continuously improve their services through many years of iteration and study in the research and development labs and through analysis

Smart Telecom

Realising East Africa's potential With huge support from the AKFED, Smart East Africa has a reputation for providing innovations to the telecoms sector Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Donovan Smith New contenders in the East African telecoms market, Smart telecom are making waves in Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda, under the name Smart East Africa. The company provides a range of innovative products to suit your lifestyle, and has become notoriously known in recent months for outstanding value-for- money packages to suit your wallet. Smart telecom is owned in-part by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), with their parent company being Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) Kenya. AKFED has been funding social enterprises across East Africa for over 100 years, making long-term investments with the aim of building economically sound businesses that create employment and improve lives. "The AKFED has a 61% share in Smart telecom and helps in all areas of the economy in East Africa; from banking to insurance, education and other infrastructures. The missing piece was communication in order to link all of this together," explains Abdellatif Bouziani, Group Chief Executive Officer of Smart East Africa Telecom. Improving the Lives of East Africans The launch of Smart in East Africa in March 2014 also combines AKFED's experience of making long-term investments with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises, which provide employment opportunities and improve the lives of local people. In East Africa, AKFED's investments include the Serena Hotels, Diamond Trust Bank, Jubilee Insurance Group, the Nation Media Group and

Airtel Zambia : Interview with Charity Chanda Lumpa

Africa Outlook spoke to the first female and Zambian Managing Director for Airtel Zambia, Charity Chanda Lumpa.

Airtel Uganda : Realising East Africa’s Potential

With acting MD Arindam Chakrabarty in post, Airtel Uganda have witnessed continuous steady growth in the telecoms and ICT industry.

Airtel Rwanda : Always Available, Always Affordable

Airtel Rwanda has doubled their customer base as a result of their selling points: affordability, innovativeness and high quality internet.

Airtel Malawi : Technology at your Fingertips

Airtel Malawi has the brand strength and customer awareness to ensure that their services and products will always be at competitive prices.

MTN Uganda : A Mobile Revolution

A Mobile Revolution with the continued success of MTN Uganda's services and a loyal customer base, the future looks increasingly bright for the company Writer Matthew Bone Project manager Donovan Smith MTN Uganda launched their commercial services in Uganda in October 1998 and has seen its market share rise every year since. Today, MTN's share stands at 55.3% in a highly competitive market of 6 players. Through a commitment to a positive customer experience and the development of innovative products, MTN has grown to become the leading telecommunications company in Uganda, currently serving in excess of 9.7 million customers. Ernst Fonternel, Chief Marketing Officer for MTN Uganda has overseen the latest surge of new strategies and policies being put in place within the company, that are heralding a new dawn in mobile technology and services. "MT N Uganda has always strived to be the market leader in all aspects of our business. We pride ourselves in giving our customers state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips, no matter where they live in the country. It is a new dawn for Ugandan telecommunications and we are proud to be leading the way," Fonternel explains. Innovation and drive MTN Uganda is renowned for its innovation and ambition to be the first to market life-changing telecommunication and It solutions as Fonternel explains: "In 2008, we launched the first mobile money service in Uganda with tremendous success while we also revolutionised access to information by heavily investing in our data services. In 2013, MTN launched 4G LTE which together with our national