Latest Technology sector features from across Africa.

Latest Technology Corporate Stories

Shopify App Launches in South Africa

eSolutions, by DPD Laser, has launched the first free Shopify Shipping App targeting the South African eCommerce logistics market.

Airtel Kenya : Kenya’s Telecom Experts

A year on and Airtel Kenya continue to grow from strength to strength, paving the way for other mobile operators.

Tigo Ghana : A Brand New Experience

Launching a brand new music service and encouraging more young girls to take an interest in ICT are just two of the ways that Tigo Ghana stands out in a crowded telecoms market.

Ison BPO : Experience-Centric Solutions

ISON BPO assist clients with experience-centric solutions that empower them in enhancing business efficiencies, streamlining operations and reducing costs through Business Process Outsourcing.

Microsoft Nigeria : Driving Innovation

The leading West African arm of Microsoft in Nigeria is living up to its credentials, as it continues to develop technologies in the region, both internally and within the wider business community.

Ericsson SSA : Leading Transformation

Globally-renowned for its technology offering, Ericsson continues to be one step ahead when it comes to the latest communication tech-related products.

MTN Rwanda : Digital Drives Dominance in Rwanda

MTN Rwanda has led the way in the country for more than 15 years and has no intention of resting on its laurels as it introduces its latest innovations.

88mph and Microsoft Ventures Partner to Support Nigerian Startups

Microsoft has announced the expansion of its Microsoft Ventures programme in Nigeria in partnership with 88mph.

African Marketplace 2go Leaves Room for Low-End Mobile Technologies

Misconceptions about smartphones in Africa are being disproved by mobile social network, 2go

iWayAfrica Offers Global Bandwidth to Customers in Zimbabwe

Using DiViNetworks, iWayAfrica Offers Global Bandwidth as a Service to Corporate Customers in Zimbabwe