MTN Nigeria Launches its “BetterMe” Internet Usage App

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

MTN has unveiled its Betterme App to urge Nigerians to maximise their internet usage

“In the past, the focus was on voice – that is the ability to connect people so that they could make phone calls. This industry has achieved that with well over 100 million active subscribers in Nigeria of which MTN has 60 million subscribers as at the end of 2014; that dispensation was known as Telco 1.5. Now we are moving to Telco 2.0 which is characterised by full scale focus on data and digital services leveraging the power of the internet,” said Funmi Onajide, general manager of corporate affairs for the MTN Group speaking at the launch ceremony.

She added that the Better Me campaign will aim at building on the innovation drive among the youth and expose Nigerians to the internet’s full potential as well as the various digital and data products and services that could enhance their lives.

MTN Nigeria’s chief marketing officer, Bayo Adekanmbi said that the app will introduce Nigerians to internet content that they may not be aware of including local content websites like pidgin-based websites, local language news, sports and home grown productivity tools.

“The My2015BetterMe app aims to enhance peoples’ lives with the power of the internet. It provides easy access to a variety of digital content and offers subscribers a single platform to access, view and share New Year resolutions & must-do, 2015 prophesies & events, news, daily deals, gossips, fashion, healthy living and lifestyle tips,” he said.

“It is our desire that the app revolutionises the industry in the same way that MTN Callertunez service revolutionised the music industry by reducing piracy and ensuring that artistes get adequate remuneration for their talent.”

Fola Akinmolayan, chief executive officer of NEO2, an indigenous company that is partnering with MTN to launch the app, added that providing Nigerians with limitless access to the internet will help them become better at their occupations such as farmers, doctors, teachers and traders.


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