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Latest Supply Chain sector features from across Africa.

Latest Supply Chain Corporate Stories

BAJ Freight : Moving Forward with Freight

BAJ Freight and Logistics represents the enduring spirit of the supply chain industry across Ghana in the face of a past challenging year.

Marcus Kaapa Eddie Clinton By Marcus Kaapa Eddie Clinton

Galco Ltd : Leading Africa’s Logistical Renaissance

A segment of the GSM Group empire, we discuss geographical expansion and logistical expertise with leading integrated logistics service provider, Galco Ltd.

Phoebe Harper Eddie Clinton By Phoebe Harper Eddie Clinton

World Courier : Planning Distribution

With Africa’s biopharmaceutical industry growing rapidly, World Courier is helping establish an unmatched network to transport, store and deliver medical products.

Cameron Lawrence By Cameron Lawrence

NAMDOCK : Shipping in Africa

We examine a leading force in West Africa’s ship repair market, NAMDOCK, and uncover how it is delivering first-class service despite the disruption of COVID-19.

Motus : African Automotive Adaptation

Alongside the many promising sectors active in Africa, automotive manufacturing stands out as a progressive and promising sphere of industry.

Marcus Kaapa Tom Cullum By Marcus Kaapa Tom Cullum

Digistics South Africa : Excellence in Motion

Driven by four key pillars – technology, reliability, adaptability, sustainability – Digistics has consistently set new standards in South African logistics for a quarter century.

Cameron Lawrence By Cameron Lawrence

A.G. Leventis Nigeria : Strength Through Supply Chain

The supply chain and logistics industry is the key to connect trade and commerce, and equally for effective e-commerce services. We spoke to Seun Oni, Group MD and CEO of A.G. Leventis Nigeria, about the company’s endurance in the face of the pandemic, and its innovative developments in the sector.

Pindulo VDM : Responding to a Crisis

As 2020 continues to be defined by the coronavirus pandemic, South Africa’s Pindulo VDM has realigned its business with a greater focus on safety, sustainability and diversification.

Joshua Mann By Joshua Mann

Ports and Terminal Operators Nigeria : Nigeria’s Port of Call

With ever growing demands for its services, PTOL is rising to the challenge of delivering industry-leading services to its network of customers.