Supply Chain

Latest Supply Chain sector features from across Africa.

Latest Supply Chain Corporate Stories

Strauss Logistics : Keep on Moving

A market leader in fuel and dry cargo distribution, Strauss Logistics celebrates a decade of keeping businesses, economies and life flowing.

Port Authority of Cotonou : The Beating Heart of Benin

The modernisation of Benin’s economic engine, the Port Authority of Cotonou, is set to bolster the West African country and the wider region.

Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA) : Spotlight

Logistical performance in both domestic and international trade is central to economic growth and competitiveness, and East Africa is no exception.

Savonor : Soap Through the Centuries

Placing community and sustainability at the core of its hygiene product manufacturing operations, we take a look at Savonor.

BAJ Freight : Moving Forward with Freight

BAJ Freight and Logistics represents the enduring spirit of the supply chain industry across Ghana in the face of a past challenging year.

Galco Ltd : Leading Africa’s Logistical Renaissance

A segment of the GSM Group empire, we discuss geographical expansion and logistical expertise with leading integrated logistics service provider, Galco Ltd.

Logistics Across the African Continent

From Nigeria to Southern Africa, the logistics industry is essential to the success of pan-African industry.

World Courier : Planning Distribution

With Africa’s biopharmaceutical industry growing, World Courier is establishing a network to transport, store and deliver medical products.

NAMDOCK : Shipping in Africa

We examine a leading force in West Africa’s ship repair market, NAMDOCK, and uncover how it delivers first-class service despite COVID-19.

Motus : African Automotive Adaptation

Alongside many upcoming sectors in Africa, Motus Africa is harnessing automotive manufacturing as a promising sphere of industry.