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Latest Oil and Gas sector features from across Africa.

Latest Oil & Gas Corporate Stories

EPCM Holdings : The All in One O&G Contractor

EPCM Holdings continues to provide turnkey solutions to its clients across the world despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

Lerexcom Petroleum : Fuelling Development in the DRC

Thanks to its young, dynamic team and ambitious leadership, LEREXCOM PETROLEUM is ready to supply fuel to enterprises across the Congo.

Neconde Energy : Petroleum Power 

A major player in Nigeria’s upstream sector, Neconde Energy Limited is simultaneously developing the national oil and gas industry and providing substantial benefit to the local economy.

African liquefied natural gas to attract $103 Billion in 2019

Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Mozambique, Senegal and Mauritania lead investment across supply and demand driven projects

St Louis Petroleum : Future proofing Ghana’s Fuel

St Louis Petroleum is building up the nation’s storage capacity in order to keep pace with growing levels of oil production, the company also determined to develop in-country skills.

Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) : Petroleum Power

Ethiopia’s sole importer and distributor of refined petroleum products, EPSE is helping to uphold the country’s rapid economic expansion.

Astrol Petroleum 2019 : Fuelling Enterprise and Empowerment  

WIthin an ever-competitive market, Kenya’s Astrol Petroleum prides itself on quality, service and integrity to stand out from the crowd.

Rainoil 2019 : The Pride of Nigerian Petroleum

Rainoil has risen to the fore of the nation’s oil and gas industry. Gabriel Ogbechie, Founder and Group Managing Director, tells its story.

Atlas Energy Limited : The Petroleum Patron

Having obtained a 30 percent market share in just three years, Atlas Energy is taking the Gambian petroleum industry by storm.

Caverton Helicopters : Nigeria’s Aviation Enthusiast

Caverton Helicopters has helped transform the nation’s oil and gas logistics industry with its extensive aerospace expertise.