Issue 77

Caspian Tanzania : Mining Made Simple

Offering a range of life-of-mine services, Caspian Tanzania has consolidated its reputation as a dependable, high-quality contractor.

Wellness Warehouse 2019 : Healthy Happy

Meeting the growing demand for consumer-conscious products, Wellness Warehouse is taking exciting new strides across South Africa’s health retail sector.

Belgotex 2019 : Culture of Care

Belgotex continues to champion a culture centred around human mindfulness, the company also expanding its export activity in order to navigate a challenging domestic backdrop.

Universal Paper & Plastics : Hygiene with High Purpose

Universal Paper & Plastics is on a mission to uplift hygiene standards across South Africa, its profits enabling it to invest in its surrounding communities.

Atlantis Foundries : Shaping the Automotive Mould

One of the world’s largest foundry networks, Atlantis Foundries helping to form an innovative future for the auto manufacturing market.

Unity Finance : Making Life Easy

Unity Finance is not only helping to change the face of Zambian banking. Equally, the company is upholding impactful initiatives to benefit customer and community alike.

Twiga Cement 2019 : Firm Foundations

Twiga Cement has emerged as a trusted partner thanks to its commitment to consistency and quality, the company seeking to expand its capacity beyond 2.3 million tonnes per annum.

Teranga Gold Corporation 2019 : Golden Opportunity 

Well on its way to becoming a mid-tier, multi-jurisdictional gold producer in West Africa, Teranga Gold is entering an exciting new chapter directed by an ambitious strategy and pipeline of assets that has the potential for tremendous organic growth.

SVA International : A Multidisciplined Approach to Architecture

SVA International is actively delivering projects across many disciplines not only in its home market South Africa, but all over the continent.

Schneider Electric 2019 : Powering an ‘Always On’ Africa

Schneider Electric, through its Secure Power Solutions division, is providing a crucial backbone to digital transformation projects across the Anglophone region.

Roke Telkom : The Connectivity Revolution

Roke Telkom is responding to technological trends in its beloved Uganda, the company broadening its expertise and reach to the benefit of business and consumers.

Neconde Energy : Petroleum Power 

A major player in Nigeria’s upstream sector, Neconde Energy Limited is simultaneously developing the national oil and gas industry and providing substantial benefit to the local economy.

Lesedi Nuclear Services 2019 : Bringing Excellence to EPC

Lesedi is now firmly established as a leading provider of engineering, project management and maintenance solutions for a various sectors.

Konga : Rewriting the E-commerce Narrative

Having come under new ownership in 2018, Konga has stepped up its efforts to provide the perfect blend of physical and online shopping options to Nigerian consumers

Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa : Machine Maintenance Made Smart

Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa has invested heavily in technology to provide a more streamlined, intelligence-driven offering to its industry customers.

Forte Supply Chain Consulting : The Digital Companion

By approaching software implementation and utilisation through an industry lens, Forte Supply Chain Consulting continues to tackle the practical issues faced by organisations through its esteemed network of technology partners.

FMI : Inspiring Insurance-Led Impact

For life insurer FMI, the insurance industry is all about protecting incomes and positioning purpose above profit, motivating its people to champion an admirable customer-first culture.

Cepheid : The Diagnostics Revolutionary

Cepheid is helping to deliver lifesaving diagnostic solutions across Africa, its GeneXpert System widely recognised as a game-changer in the fight against tuberculosis.