Joshua Mann

Regional Director
185 Business Articles

DSM Corridor Group : Tanzania’s Cargo Curator

DSM Corridor Group continues to provide award-winning cargo handling services at the port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s trading gateway

GIG Logistics : Exceeding Expectations

GIG Logistics is striving to transform customer experience and raise the logistics bar across the African continent.

Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS)

We look into the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) and how it improves access to healthcare for government-employed citizens.

Orange River Tankers : Transforming Transport

Leveraging more than 30 years’ experience, Orange River Tankers continues to set the transit standard across SA’s wine industry.

Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria : A Triumph from Turbulence

Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria has emerged as a resilient airline operator, local MRO specialist and aviation training expert.

Easy Coach : Redefining Kenyan Coach Services

Easy Coach has set new customer-centric standards since Managing Director Azym Dossa established the business in 2003.

Primero TSL : Operating the Lagos Fast Lane

We caught up with Primero, the company responsible for managing the network in Nigeria's most congested city.

Alexander Forbes Botswana : Fundamentally Transforming Finance

Emphasising financial well-being, Alexander Forbes Botswana is acting as a key proponent of inclusion, innovation and modernisation.

Gabon Special Economic Zone : Business Made Easy

Gabon Special Economic Zone has attracted local and foreign investors thanks to its straightforward setup and strategic location.

Makupa Transit Shade Container Freight Station

Makupa Transit Shade Container Freight Station continues to boost efficiency at the Port of Mombasa after a decade in operation.