Joshua Mann

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Africa Improved Foods 2019 : Nourishing Nations

Africa Improved Food produces high-quality nutritious foods made from maize grown by over 35,000 Rwandan farmers that treat and prevent malnutrition across East Africa.

Naledi Rail Engineering : Keeping SA on Track 

Naledi Rail Engineering has been providing South Africa’s railway industry with engineering expertise since 2004, a vital pool of knowledge given the government’s plans to develop the sector.

Jomanday Group : For the Love of Liberia 

Jomanday Group is driving development in its beloved home country and across borders as it continues to invest in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Uganda Railways Corporation : Reviving Railways

Uganda Railways Corporation is relaunching passenger and freight routes in a bid to revitalise a once forgotten form of transport.

Pindulo VDM : Multimodal Magnate

Pindulo VDM is building on a rich heritage by providing an integrated supply chain solution for clients across South Africa.

Kyoga Hauliers : Going the Extra Mile

A down to earth family business, Kyoga Hauliers is embodying progress against an optimistic East African backdrop.

Flightlink : Flying High

16 years on, the story of Flightlink continues to gather momentum. Munawer Dhirani, the man behind the company’s rapid rise, tells all.

BAJ Freight and Logistics Limited : Ghana’s Logistics Flagship 

Celebrating a decade in existence, BAJ Freight and Logistics Limited continues to propel the reputation of Ghanaian freight forwarding services on the international stage.

Tshwane Rapid Transit : Modernising Mobility

Tshwane Rapid Transit is transforming the public transport scene in Pretoria and the surrounding municipality as it expands its efficient, modern BRT system.

Starzs Marine & Engineering : Nigeria’s Port of Call 

Starzs Marine & Engineering has become a go-to shipyard operator for vessel owners calling in and out of Rivers State.