Joshua Mann

Regional Director
181 Business Articles

The Pavilion : Home Sweet Home

The Pavilion has leveraged its owner, Pareto’s reputation for ethical, strategic growth to become the region’s foremost shopping mall.

Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square : Everything for All People

The growth of Sandton City over the past few decades has both mirrored and driven Sandton’s own development, and the former’s master plan looks to ensure that the evolution doesn’t stop here.

Seaflower Group : Where Freshness Lives

The Seaflower Group has taken its proud history and developed an innovative approach for a new wave of fishing.

Kenya Horticultural Exporters 1977 : Greener, Fresher, Safer

Kenya Horticultural Exporters (1977) Ltd has experienced tremendous growth within the industry and is now a market leader in exports to the UK and further afield.

PJ Dave Group : Ahead of the Best

‘A rose for every emotion’ is the culmination of the efforts of PJ Dave Group over the years; optimising the best natural resources and industry expertise that Kenya can offer before distributing its resultant products on a global scale.

Philafrica Foods : Food Across Africa

The three-pronged strategy of Philafrica Foods is set to capitalise on African agricultural opportunity by reducing imports and increasing exports; enriching hundreds of thousands of local farmers in the process.

South Nyanza Sugar Company : Bringing back the Sweetness

South Nyanza Sugar Company has perfected its ability to deliver clean and mature sugar cane, increasing Kenya’s national sugar production and reducing the country’s dependence on imports.

Cavibel SA (Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Co.): What We Do, We Do Well

Cavibel SA aims to inspire moments of happiness in supporting the sustainable development of Cape Verde.

British American Tobacco : East & Central Africa

British American Tobacco (BAT) is leading the tobacco industry by satisfying and addressing consumer needs and moments.

Africa Improved Foods : Healthy Children, Healthy Nation

The inclusive business model and ongoing dedication of Africa Improved Foods to regional enrichment has contributed to the Company’s reputation as East Africa’s “social enterprise.”