Joshua Mann

Regional Director
185 Business Articles

South Nyanza Sugar Company : Bringing back the Sweetness

South Nyanza Sugar Company has perfected its ability to deliver clean and mature sugar cane, increasing Kenya’s national sugar production and reducing the country’s dependence on imports.

Cavibel SA (Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Co.): What We Do, We Do Well

Cavibel SA aims to inspire moments of happiness in supporting the sustainable development of Cape Verde.

British American Tobacco : East & Central Africa

British American Tobacco (BAT) is leading the tobacco industry by satisfying and addressing consumer needs and moments.

Africa Improved Foods : Healthy Children, Healthy Nation

The inclusive business model and ongoing dedication of Africa Improved Foods to regional enrichment has contributed to the Company’s reputation as East Africa’s “social enterprise.”

Roland Imperial Tobacco : Indigenous Zambian Tobacco

Roland Imperial Tobacco has built an excellent reputation in Zambia and further afield for manufacturing an extensive product range, always working with customers’ best interests at heart.

Ngorongo Tea : Brighter, Brisker and Stronger Tea

Ngorongo Tea is adopting modern processes and an enriching ethos in order to widen the influence of Kenfresh’s brand and products more concertedly across East Africa.

JTI Malawi : A Journey Together

JTI Malawi is renowned for recognising the risks involved in smoking, ensuring its products are a favourite amongst its clientele in Malawi.

Oserian Development Company : Flowers in Fashion

Oserian Development Company, with a 5,000-acre flower farm, is successfully driving forward an industry very much in fashion.

Cherry Irrigation : Solid Foundations

Cherry Irrigation has established a solid foundation in the industry, built upon years of knowledge and experience as one of the few irrigation companies possessing the ability to take you from design right through to implementation.

Agricane : Unique in its Field

After two decades of growth, Agricane has taken its turnkey agricultural engineering proposition to 24 countries in Africa, making the business one of the continent’s foremost contributors to sustainable development.