Issue 74

SENTECH SOC : Transforming Connectivity 

Championing digital content delivery, Sentech SOC is helping to revolutionise broadcasting and telecommunications across South Africa.

MTN Congo 2019 : Congo’s Connectivity Champion

MTN Congo continues to promote digital inclusion across the country through numerous investments in the likes of mobile money, content streaming and affordable smartphones

METC Engineering : Redefining Effective EPCM

METC Engineering was established in 2017 to offer a fresh approach to engineering, procurement and construction management work.

KTVR Bus Service : Driving Growth

A BRT system built for the masses, KTVR is set rejuvenate opportunity, both socially and economically, in the Ekurhuleni region of South Africa.

Jomanday Group : For the Love of Liberia 

Jomanday Group is driving development in its beloved home country and across borders as it continues to invest in entrepreneurial pursuits.

GIGM : Daring to be Different

Established as a stalwart of African innovation, the transport offering of GIGM remains inspired by customer-centricity.

Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) : Petroleum Power

Ethiopia’s sole importer and distributor of refined petroleum products, EPSE is helping to uphold the country’s rapid economic expansion.

Eneo : Cameroon’s Electricity Transformer 

Eneo continues to invest in energy infrastructure upgrades and community-driven projects, with its think big, start small approach.

CSquared 2019 : FibeRising Africa 

By enabling ISPs and MNOs to better serve their customers, CSquared is helping to drive the fibre revolution across Africa’s urban centres.

Cim Group : Modernising Money

CIM Group continues to pioneer new technology-driven solutions for its customers in Mauritius and elsewhere.

Checkers Food Services : Finding Value in Food Service

Checkers Food Services is showing how effective, efficient operations translate into mutual benefits for all.

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation : Strategic Success

The Botswana Telecommunications Corporation is championing change when it comes to connectivity, introducing next-generation LTE.