Issue 47

Grande Côte Operations : Senegal’s Grand Vision

The Grande Côte Operations ramp-up phase has benefited from a blend of experience, operational excellence and national backing, with its steward, TiZir now targeting long-term profitability and even more long-term benefits for Senegal.

Kalyan Hospitality Development : Making History in Africa

Kalyan Hospitality Development Ltd is thriving in Togo, in the implementation of its wider Group’s strategies, delivering not just an unrivalled service provision, but a promise of socio-economic development in the process

Cresco Project Finance : Grow, Rise, Thrive

Cresco Project Finance is the boutique financial advisory firm providing specialist services to project promoters in Africa, moving projects up the value curve by applying project financing expertise.

Motisun Group : Rising Across Africa

The Motisun Group has a longstanding Company vision, consistently striving to be recognised as the leading business conglomerate in Africa.

Mintek : The Next Horizon

Mintek is playing a huge role in the mining industry, providing world-class testing facilities and multidisciplinary expertise within the extractive metallurgy landscape.

Schneider Electric : Life is On

Thriving as a business of the best, not the biggest, Schneider Electric Mining, Minerals and Metals South Africa is putting sustainability on the radar of the continent’s most fluctuating sectors.

Schneider Electric East Africa : Optimising Local Presence

Schneider Electric may have one of the world’s most extensive operations when it comes to facilitating sustainable industry and energy efficiencies, but this doesn’t detract from an equally prominent local emphasis as is seen in East Africa

Integrated Catering Company : Fast Growing, Fast Food

Integrated Catering Company is a first-class brand providing consistent high standard exotic cuisines and extensive varieties, through an innovative service approach that is professional and imaginative.

Ensure Insurance : Don’t Just Insure: Ensure!

Ensure Insurance is speeding-up the pace of insurance for Nigerians, providing fast, responsive and flexible services to combat life’s unpredictable turns.

Patula Risk & Montigny : Independent, Bespoke, Innovative

Patula Risk Montigny has firmly rooted itself as a frontrunner in the corporate risk insurance industry across Southern Africa.

Econet Telecom Lesotho : Better Serving Customers

The uncompromising standards of Econet Telecom Lesotho continue to help to pioneer and develop sustainable telecommunications.

Master Power Technologies : Energising Secure Power

Master Power Technologies has built its reputation upon strong values that guide its decisions, ensuring there is never a compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction

Ministry of Health Swaziland : Striving for Universal Health Coverage

Ministry of Health Swaziland strives towards its ultimate aim via a series of investments, training and technological enhancements akin to the best in first-world healthcare provision

The Nairobi Hospital : A Clinical Master Plan

The vision for future healthcare is in the process of being unveiled by The Nairobi Hospital, via a new facility that is set to bring enhanced treatment, efficiencies and sustainability.

Allied Company : A Bigger, Better Allied

As the country’s first wholly owned oil marketing entity, Allied Company Ltd’s innovative outlook is set to drive even more concerted expansion and growth in the years to come.

Tanzania International Container Services : Partner for Tanzania and Africa

Tanzania International Container Terminal Services is in good shape but refuses to rest on its laurels as a flag bearer for national logistics, as it targets a new look and improved efficiencies.

Metorex : Long-Term Perspective

Metorex is consolidating its position as a mid-tier mining Group in Southern Africa through a concerted balance between present day innovation, and future sustainability.

Sentula Mining : A New Era in Mining

Sentula Mining Limited has worked tirelessly to return to profitability and prepare for an upswing in the commodity cycle