Motisun Group : Rising Across Africa

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

The Motisun Group has a longstanding Company vision, consistently striving to be recognised as the leading business conglomerate in Africa.


The Motisun Group has accumulated a geographic reach encompassing southern, central and eastern Africa during its 30 years in operation, establishing a strong reputation in the process with manufacturing companies across steel, cement, plastic tank and pipe domains.

Based in Tanzania, the privately owned, diversified business conglomerate’s strong vision and stable leadership has driven the Group to become one of Africa’s biggest success stories in the industry. Not only does the Company foster economic growth and development, but also provides an abundance of employment opportunities to the local community; to date Motisun Group has both directly and indirectly provided employment to more than 10,000 locals.

“During our 30 years in operation, we have made an exponential jump in both investment and profitability, diversifying our brand portfolio, introducing new products and innovations,” the Company explains on its website, “all made possible by our wise investment choices in finding the right people, technology and business philosophy to drive sustainable growth.”

The support of a carefully selected management team, made up of professionals with an exemplary track record within the sector – having held senior management positions in organisations both locally and internationally – the Group has obtained the rare ability to identify and implement key strategies effectively.

The Company continues: “As a Company we are perfectly placed to provide the best service in the sector. We have the understanding of our people, the communities we work within, the governments we work with and are able to combine the years of experience within our Company, with the aspirations of those who wish to invest in Africa’s bright future.”

Motisun’s Company mission is driven by the ideal of standing up for its staff, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the community in which it operates, allowing it to provide exceptional customer service across all levels of the business and the countries it serves.


The steel sector welcomed MM Integrated Steel Mills LTD – a subsidiary of the Motisun Group – into the fold more than two decades ago, and since then it has become a fast growing multinational leader in the manufacture of cold rolling sheets, structural steel products and galvanised roofing sheets.

In east and southern Africa, MMI Steel has built state-of-the-art facilities, including manufacturing and processing plants, located in Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Mozambique; now comprising an aggregate production capacity of 350,000 tonnes each year.

“Each plant includes cold rolling mills, galvanising lines, colour coating lines and tube mills,” explains the Company. “In a short space of time, MMI Steel has become a respected brand and is the preferred choice for many within the building and construction industry.”

The Company’s steel products are all sold under the brand name of KIBOKO, all of which are made from top quality steel and provided by global steel companies; this ensures that the products conform to international standards and retain the Company’s well respected name.

The Company adds: “Our competitively priced products are sold via a nationwide network of distributors and we export to adjoining countries such as Malawi, Congo and Rwanda.”

MMI Steel has made a dedicated effort to undertake its business in an ethical manner. With a mentality such as that in a professional environment, not only can it create and maintain positivity in working relationships but also remain innovative in an ever-changing industry.


The Motisun Group is a big supporter of aiding and encouraging development, as is seen through its joint venture partner; mining Company, Maganta Matitu Resource Development Ltd (MMRDL). A joint venture agreement was signed in September, 2009, with the Company’s centralised goal to develop iron ore mines at Maganaga Matitu, while also setting up a 300,000 tpa capacity integrated steel plant in Ludewa located in southern Tanzania.

“We are eager to develop Manganga and Ketewaka as standalone profitable mining and processing operations,” explains the Company. “MMRDL already possess the rights for expansion over an area of 20 square kilometres on our Maganga plant.

“We aim to start production of sponge iron which will enable us to feed the domestic steel mills and export it when the project attains its rated capacity under the Company’s planned expansion growth.” 

The Company has honed its skills in utilising its many ventures, for example the production of sponge iron and coal as raw materials will require deposits from both Maganga Matitu and Ketewaka.

Once production on the project commences, the joint venture of MMRDL’s project is set up with the intention of supplying sponge iron to local steel manufacturers which will eventually reduce or eliminate the requirement of importing iron billets.

MMRDL and the Motisun Group as a whole have struck the balance between Company progression and the progression of the industry it works in.

“It is key to note that the project we are working on forms the basis of industrialisation in Tanzania,” affirms the Company. “Therefore we are able to contribute to the goals of the nation, in its hopes to gain self sustaining industrialisation, while also acting as a stimulus for other sectors in the economy.

“It is also important to see that these processes ensure full and effective utilisation of our local natural resource, while also transferring new environmentally friendly technology to Tanzania.”


In the 12 years since Motisun’s subsidiary, Kiboko Plastics made its debut it has become one of the largest manufacturers of superior quality PVC and HDPE pipes, water tanks, irrigation and sewage disposal systems in Tanzania.

“Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant has the full range of moulding facilities – injection moulding, blow moulding, compression moulding, roto moulding and ISBM extrusion – in order to produce an entire range of tanks and pipes,” continues the Company. “Our products are distributed under the Kiboko brand through a nationwide dealership network, as well as exporting the products to adjoining countries.”

Kiboko Plastics employs more than 100 people, comprised of quality controllers, warehouse staff, engineers and sales and marketing employees. Possessing the knowledge of the latest trends and technological progress within the industry, it is able to be innovative with its products, enabling it to consistently meet the demands of the market.

In order to maintain the quality of its products and stay up-to-date with international standards, the Company carries out stringent raw material and finished goods tests. In order to do this Kiboko Plastics requires quality controlled laboratories which conform to strict rules and regulations.

“Within the span of a few years the Kiboko pipes and water tanks have established a large base of satisfied customers,” the Company concludes. “We are growing and aim to become the most trusted and innovative brand in Africa.”

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