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Editorial TeamEddie Clinton
Editorial Team Eddie Clinton - Senior Head of Projects

RMD Kwikform is renowned in the industry as the go-to company to make things happen, providing a best-in class service to its customers.


As one of the leading formwork and scaffolding suppliers in the world, RMD Kwikform offers formwork and shoring solutions to construction companies across a wide range of markets.

With services including 3D computer aided design drawings, as well as virtual reality simulations, Johan Smit, Managing Director, goes on to explain: “Our wide range of products appeal to both the building and civil infrastructure markets, while also being available on a hire and sale basis.

“RMD was founded in Aldridge, England in 1948 as Rapid Metal Developments Ltd, a subsidiary group of Robert M Douglas Ltd. The latter was acquired in 1991 by Interserve Plc when it was still based in the UK, before it was developed eight years later into the RMD Kwikform we see today.”

The Company has gained extensive recognition within its markets of operation over the years, being awarded the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise International Trade in 2010, while working alongside renowned companies such as Alkus AG that have supported the Company’s growth over the years.

Dirk Odendaal, Director of RMD Kwikform adds: “We received this award after increasing our overseas business by 185 percent, in 30 countries during more than six years. The regions include Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Australasia, South America and Africa.”

In 2007 the South African branch of RMD Kwikform was established, and since that point in time it has expanded to include branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Nelspruit.


The success of RMD Kwikform has been built upon its longstanding history and knowledge within its international team.

“At RMD we are one of five divisions of the Interserve Plc, recognised as a support services and construction company that is also listed on the London Stock exchange,” affirms Odendaal. “At present our worldwide workforce stands at more than 80,000 people.

“In South Africa the Company is headquarted in Centurion Pretoria and is managed by an experienced Board of Directors.”

The Company has developed a widely respected national footprint, with branches located all over South Africa.

“Our core range of services are firmly established within the market, gaining increasing respect from customers,” adds Smit. “We supply a wide range of formwork and shoring systems on a hire or sale basis, while also offering on-site inspections of any of our temporary works systems erected on site.

“We also provide formwork preassembly services, supplied from our Centurion factory and assembly facility, with temporary works engineering CAD-designs by qualified engineers.”

Some of the other – among a great array – services available within the engineering consultancy remit include site inspections, reports, method statements and material handling guidance notes. 

“It has also been important to us to offer custom designs to timber beams and column sides,” continues Smit. “We have also introduced 3D cad design and virtual reality, allowing our management teams to identify complex scenarios in the structure while on-site.

“The implementation of this sort of technology enables our site engineers to plan with a high level of accuracy, while taking on a proactive approach.”


The Company has single-handedly managed to differentiate itself in the market through producing a boutique shop-type experience for its clients; with the ongoing deterioration of skills in the South African market, RMD has identified the perfect gap in the market to approach.

“We have realised that the importance of offering design solutions that are presented in a simplified and easy to erect, while remaining compliant with the best-in-class of safety standards,” explains Odendaal. “Between our comprehensive consulting services, 3D modeling and VR presentations, we are able to provide the ultimate selection in solutions for our clients who are challenged with low skill levels among construction workers in South Africa.”

With thanks to the versatility of its products, the Company is able to provide applications across market segments and structures, be that through building construction or large-scale civil infrastructure projects.

“We run a customer-driven business and by understanding why our customers prefer to buy a product from us, we are able to tailor solutions to the specific needs of a client, offering compelling value and letting our success do the talking,” adds Smit. “We have experienced many changes in the market and know that having a sustainable business plan is pivotal to success.”


In order to achieve the level of success that the Company has done, it has needed to find and empower the right team of people to help RMD establish a profitable, healthy business unit, while also developing their own personal skills.

“We have found that one of the most successful tools when it comes to our employees is allowing them to play to their strengths, treating employees, clients and creditors with the utmost respects,” explains Smit. “Our leadership has always obtained a clear vision and strategy for the future.

“We have encouraged a culture within the Company that allows our employees to make mistakes, and to an extent we even try to budget for it.

“We are far more accepting of the failures of our employees that are brave enough to try, those that have taken initiative to create even if it hasn’t worked out for the best.”

With such an innovative team behind it, RMD Kwikform is confident in the fact that it has what it takes to grow and develop its market share.

“I would like to say thank you to our clients for trusting in our ability as a team,” declares Smit. “Your challenge becomes our opportunity to innovate and each problem, an opportunity to rise above. 

“Our management team believes in ensuring that proper strategic and financial planning is carried out, following on with an entrepreneurial approach as we want every employee to understand the importance of their work and to feel empowered while doing it.”

It is undeniable that the value of close attention toward clients, people within the Company and creditors.

“Our engineering capabilities have meant that we have a wealth of engineering and design experience that enables us to supply technical solutions to complex applications shared around the world,” concludes Smit. “At RMD we are committed to investing for as long as possible, in the local communities by identifying the best local skills and talent available.”

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By Eddie Clinton Senior Head of Projects