Issue 25

MTN South Sudan : Initialising Telecoms in an Emerging Market

The presence of MTN in South Sudan has proven that with the right attitude and product offering, tough market conditions can be overcome and negative perceptions about the investment environment can be changed.

Mantrac Nigeria : Riding the Storm

Mantrac Nigeria is using its extensive reputation and expertise, as well as its international influence as Caterpillar’s sole dealer, to overcome Nigeria’s market slowdown.

Africell Group : Challenging the Telecom Landscape

COO Elias Arwadi believes that Africell Group will play a key part in the development of Africa’s telecoms sector, a sector that is becoming the main driver behind the rise of the continent as a major economic player.

J.R. Goddard Contracting Zimbabwe : Dedicated to Growth

J.R. Goddard Contracting has diversified and expanded its services extensively over the past 32 years, but retains its commitment to sustainability and its people throughout.

MetGroup : Raising the Bar

MetGroup is staying true to a Group business model that has already improved industry standards via its 11 operating companies to become the mining industry’s contractor of choice.

Moldon : Taking the Brand Forward

As first-hand experts in the food and drink industry, Moldon continues to actively involve itself in the market in order to gain brand exposure and build a reputation for quality and efficiency.

Major Drilling : Southern Africa’s Partner on the Ground

Major Drilling is one of the major players in the global mining sector and is using its expertise and reputation to overcome current industry challenges on the continent.

Kenblest Group : The Right Ingredients for Success

Business has remained steady for Kenblest over the past year and the increased capacities from replacing its ovens and machinery are sure to encourage  future growth in the Kenyan market.

White Rivers Exploration : The Next Generation of Mines

White Rivers Exploration has been compiling significant tenement holdings and drill hole databases for the past eight years and is now entering a landmark milestone phase of its evolution in the Witwatersrand Basin.

Nampak Bevcan : Unlocking Value Across Africa

Already established as the packaging leader in Africa with operations in 11 African countries outside of SA, Nampak continues to take advantage of the continent’s upward growth trajectory.

Jindal Mozambique : Entrenching its Foothold in Africa

With a total resource of 1.2 billion tonnes of coal, Jindal Mozambique looks to improve local infrastructures in order to secure long-term growth of its export operations.

Senior Flexonics : The Senior Name in Flexible Manufacturing

The influence of Senior Flexonics in South Africa has grown exponentially over the past 18 years, riding the economic challenges in recent years to remain an internationally renowned partner of choice.

Mbuyelo Group : Exploring Possibilities for Rewarding Returns

Backed by ambition and a wealth of industry knowledge, Mbuyelo Group hope to seize as many opportunities as possible and create a sustainable environment for local South Africans.

Papercor Holdings : Merchants with National Reach

With flagship SAPPI product, Galerie Art showing huge uptake potential, Papercor continues to make a name for itself in South Africa’s printing and packaging industries.

Coca-Cola Sabco Mozambique : Becoming World-Class Together

With an estimated consumer base of 24 million people in Mozambique, Coca-Cola Sabco has been increasing production capabilities nationwide by stabilising its distribution network and investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

Microelettrica Scientifica : Localisation in Action

Since gaining a presence in South Africa in 2002, Microelettrica Scientifica has successfully adopted a localisation strategy and BBBEE initiatives that will drive local content production.

Gulf African Bank : Opening Doors in Islamic Banking

By re-focusing the bank’s business model on SME and insurance products, Gulf African Bank has continued to grow its name as the Kenyan leader in Islamic Banking.

National Bank of Kenya : Banking on Better

The National Bank of Kenya is focusing on heightened security and convenience-driven innovation in 2015 as it stays true to both its short and long-term goals.

Natsure : Refined Focus for Niche Underwriters

After identifying a gap in the South African market for short term insurance, Natsure has a solid business strategy that will take the UMA to new heights.

Access Bank Ghana : Treating the Customer as King

Access Bank Ghana continues to bring the latest in financial services to as many people in Ghana as possible, via its extensive footprint expansion and digital diversification.

Victoria Commercial Bank : Quality Over Quantity

Victoria Commercial Bank has recently opened only its third branch in 28 years, but is recognised as the leading institution in the country through its unparalleled standards of customer service.

Airtel Rwanda : Rwanda’s Operator of Choice

Airtel Rwanda has major plans to increase its customer reach through rural network expansion to ensure affordability and accessibility.