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Editorial Team
JD Goddard Contracting

J.R. Goddard Contracting has diversified and expanded its services extensively over the past 32 years, but retains its commitment to sustainability and its people throughout.


As the largest privately owned contracting company in Zimbabwe, J.R. Goddard (JRG) Contracting’s (JRG) growth continues to run parallel to that of the country’s; a fact indicative of the indigenous philosophy that JRG has built its success upon.

The company was founded on traditional principles to provide turnkey solutions for site design and construction of dams across Southern Africa, and has diversified since its inception in 1982 to carry out a range of construction services to market-leading quality and safety standards.

The large-scale earthworks specialist states on its website: “With 32 years of experience, we offer specialised expertise in the construction of reinforced concrete structures, rubble masonry and earth dams for both the mining and agricultural sectors.

“We are dedicated to the growth of Africa and value the protection of our people and the environment.”

Through continuous investment and diversification the company is largely seen as a contractor of choice across its areas of expertise: feasibility studies for new projects; construction of dams and reservoirs; masonry gravity structures; masonry arch dams; masonry buttressed weirs; reinforced concrete structures; zones and homogenous earth dams; sediment traps and gauging weirs; pollution control dams; tailings dams; the modification of existing dams; sewage works; pipelines and canals; bridges; and general masonry and concrete structuring including general mining and agricultural infrastructure.


Having completed more than 200 contracts since its inception 33 years’ ago, it is arguably the range of its services which sets the business apart most from its competitors. 

This is especially the case regarding its large-scale earthworks where JRG has been particularly successful: “J.R. Goddard Contracting specialises in large-scale earthworks and bulk load-and-haul operations across southern Africa. It is the core of our business and the main contributor of turnover at any given time,” the website emphasises. “We have recognised the potential for growth in this sector and have expanded our scope as the demand for work increases. As a result, we boast a modern fleet of earthmoving equipment in Zimbabwe, enabling us to meet the requirements of our many earthworks customers.

“J.R. Goddard Contracting is currently involved in several high profile projects across Zimbabwe. These include bulk earthwork projects at Ngezi Platinum Mine, Murowa Diamond Mine and Freda Rebecca Gold Mine. We have also been active at Hwange Colliery, Bokai Mine, Unki Mine, Sengwa coalfield, several Zimasco chrome mines, three different Maranatha chrome mines, and at Colleen Bawn and Lafarge limestone deposits.”

Similar success has been achieved through its civil construction works, applying the same equipment and knowhow across complex reinforced concrete, masonry and building works.

The company continues: “We serve as the main bulk earthworks contractor on a variety of mines across Zimbabwe and inevitably there are extra projects that require attention. These range from the construction of offices and accommodation facilities, to the establishment of camps, to infrastructure and building of services as well as the foundations for incoming processing plants.”

The extensive JRG portfolio further incorporates roads and bridges, canals and pipelines, infrastructure development and further building works, but it is in the area of dams where the company can look back most fondly, having kick-started the business in that sector all those years ago.

“The construction of dams is our speciality,” the company adds. “J.R. Goddard Contracting has built more than 100 dams throughout the country to date and have many more in the pipeline.

“Our history so far includes the construction of numerous earth embankment dams within the agricultural sector. Among these are the construction of the Bembezaan dam, Risitu Dam and Howe Mine Dam. We have also played a significant role in the construction of Biri Dam Manyame River and Mteri Dam at Hippo Valley.”


To ensure that the company maintains the high standards that have now become synonymous with the J.R. Goddard name, it must adhere to and continuously monitor all the latest industry trends.

This process culminates in a certain culture being engrained into its 1,500-strong workforce which the Group names as its most valuable asset and, as such, must be safeguarded at all times.

“At J.R. Goddard Contracting, the health, safety and general well-being of our employees remains our top priority. Our staff members are our most valuable asset,” it confirms. “They are the motivation behind our success and the lifeblood of the company.

“We recognise the need for all employees to be aware of the hazards that are involved in the work they perform and to respect their right to work in a safe and healthy environment. The company has enforced a strict safety, health and environment policy which is an integral part of all our business activities.”

Regular audits are carried out to this effect to ensure the prevention of personal injury and property damage; especially in line with new equipment and machinery and potentially hazardous areas of operations. 

The core objectives of JRG to this end include: “To gain experience from other industry accidents outside of J.R. Goddard Contracting and the action taken to prevent similar reoccurrences; to develop safe working procedures that combine correct trade and technical practices with adequate training procedures; to establish goals for optimal safety performance; and to educate all on the legal requirements relevant to each particular industry processes and locations.”


Commitment to the enrichment of lives does not just stop at the company’s employees as it looks to involve itself in numerous corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities around the region.

This is especially epitomised by its HIV/AIDS programme aimed at taking control of the disease from the workplace, out.

“We implement preventative measures for all employees,” JRG states. “We aim to minimise the costs of HIV/AIDS-related illnesses and sexually transmitted infections and hope to educate all employees about the virus, its prevention and its treatment.

“We have worked hard to ensure all staff members are aware of their rights, duties and benefits related to the virus. We also strive to provide all HIV-positive employees with a supportive and helpful work environment, creating a culture of friendship, and genuine concern for one another.”

Integrity, hard work, passion, commitment and this evident protection of its people is what J.R. Goddard has been built upon over the years through sustainable development and the subsequent reputation that has been formed across Southern Africa.

The company concludes: “We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have built in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our impressive work history and solid standing is not only attributed to our industry presence, but also to our company values and ethics.

“We remain solidly committed to their health, safety and wellbeing. In turn our team works hard to uphold company principles of integrity, passion and determination. Their efforts and dedication have contributed towards some of the company’s greatest achievements, earning J.R. Goddard respect and recognition within the industry.”

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