Latest 69 Corporate Stories

Enza Construction : Building on Success

Emerging as a key player within the national infrastructure industry, Enza Construction continues to make strides as a key differentiator.

ECCBC Cabo Verde : Adding Fizz to Cape Verde

Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC) Cape Verde has made strides in its product portfolio and CSR strategy over the past 18 months.

Alexander Forbes Botswana : Fundamentally Transforming Finance

Emphasising financial well-being, Alexander Forbes Botswana is acting as a key proponent of inclusion, innovation and modernisation.

Stibium Mining : Seizing an Opportunity

Stibium Mining is exploring and excavating Gravelotte’s rich gold and antimony deposits, the latter the biggest in the western world.

Gabon Special Economic Zone : Business Made Easy

Gabon Special Economic Zone has attracted local and foreign investors thanks to its straightforward setup and strategic location.

PW Mining : The Partner of Choice

PW Mining has built up a reputation in West Africa for being a reliable contractor to some of the region’s most important projects.

Schneider Electric MMM : Powerful Prospects

Schneider Electric, through its Mining, Metals and Minerals division, is helping African miners to maximise the potential of their assets.

Mauritanian Copper Mines : Mining for Mauritania

Through development of the Guelb Moghrein copper-gold mine, Mauritanian Copper Mines putting the country on the regional mining map.

Haladjian Group : Exemplifying Operational Excellence

Having provided parts and services to heavy industry players for more than half a century, Haladjian Group continues to make strides.

Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria : A Triumph from Turbulence

Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria has emerged as a resilient airline operator, local MRO specialist and aviation training expert.