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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

From turnkey brewing solutions to soft drink production expertise, Dematech is innovatively transforming the African beverage industry.


It is safe to say that there’s a growing taste for beer spreading across Africa.

Despite the continent having the lowest per capita consumption of the beverage globally, currently only producing five percent of the world’s beer, expectation is that this will change in the coming years as consumers increasingly set their sights on the commercial sphere of beer.

Driven by rapid population growth, increasing urbanisation and a broadly positive economic outlook across the region, recent research and forecasts are predicting that the African beer industry will continue to grow at roughly five percent per year for the foreseeable future, almost three times faster than the global average.

This in mind, the continent is providing the perfect platform for prospective brewers to prosper, a platform that the beverage industry experts at Dematech are helping to support.

A company founded in 1993 by Mario and Annemarie Delicio, two passionate and innovatively inclined entrepreneurs with an extensive understanding of the sector and its inner-workings, Dematech has become renowned as a turnkey solutions provider and a leading industry one-stop shop. 


For Dematech, craft beer brewing has continued to provide extensive growth opportunities, a key reason as to why the firm has established an expansive industry portfolio, providing in-house equipment and filling services through its Dema-Craft and Dema-Fill solutions.

“Dema-Craft is a South African developed brewery solution aimed at craft brewers, in particular brewpubs, restaurants and taprooms,” the company explains on its website. “We offer our clients high-standard, quality services, test lines and single bottling machines and conveyor belts for various capacities.”

From 350-litre brewing installations to the provision of semi-automatic bottle filling capabilities, Dematech has compiled a broad range of products since its inception that serve to bolster the ambitions of African brewers. 

Further, aside from its own-brand solutions, the firm actively collaborates with a broad network of industry specialists including Blucher, Argelith, SAP Italia, Bosch and other global brands to ensure that its clients have access to the best possible service.

“Be it through one of the many agencies we represent or acting as a procurement provider, we can offer all products and services to the beverage industry,” the company reads on its website. “Whether you are looking for ingredients, single-piece equipment, a project manager, or a complete turnkey brewery or soft drink plant, Dematech can assist.”

Operating in such a way, Dematech is able to go above and beyond to serve the needs of its customers across multiple industry segments.


The success of this collaborative, customer-centric model can be found in Dematech’s Technical Services, a business division that is defined by adaptability and collaboration.

As part of this, Dematech actively works with Kosme, a leading packaging and beverage designing and manufacturing firm, enabling its clientele to leverage custom solutions.

“The worldwide, young, flexible, highly motivated organisation will provide you with innovative solutions,” Dematech explains, referring to Kosme. “The company employs technical specialists that consult with customers and develop specific solutions for any application.

“Kosme is a company that can provide you with competitive, reliable and alternative solutions in the vast packaging and beverage industry.”

Alongside this, the firm also readily collaborates with Global Network Keg Services (GNKS), a partner concept that has extensive expertise in keg-related services including cleaning, washing, etching, servicing and repair and rental. Much like Kosme, GNKS’s services equally complement Dematech’s portfolio, yet constitute just one small part of the firm’s extensive beverage industry service network.


Remaining true to this approach, Dematech has delivered a multitude of successful projects for a range of its clients over the years, most recently evident in the firm’s work for South African firms Darling Brew and Jack Black Beer.

On both these projects, Dematech was the turnkey provider for the entire facilities, supplying all of the breweries’ equipment that included the brewhouses, tanks, CIP, pasteurisers, packaging lines, drains and tiles, and necessary ancillary equipment.

Further, working with Kaspar Schulz, another of its esteemed agency partners, Dematech was also involved in supplying Newlands Spring Brewing Co. with a 20-hectolitre brewhouse, demonstrating the firm’s versatility and flexibility.

Three projects based in South Africa, these make up just a slim portion of the firm’s wider successes and footprint that span across the entire continent.

“Since its beginning, Dematech has had offices in numerous African countries,” the firm states on its website. “Today Dematech has two main offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya with presence in several other locations including Ethiopia, Nigeria and Angola.”

Fundamentally remaining a customer-first company, providing leading end-to-end services and impeccable after-sales attention, Dematech is perfectly positioned with this reach to continue to capitalise on the tailwinds of the world’s fastest growing beer market as it moves through 2019 and beyond.

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