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Airtel Malawi : On the Up and Up

Airtel Malawi has been deploying high-speed Internet capacity across its network. Managing Director Saulos Chilima tells us more.

Interswitch : Nigeria’s Transition to a Cashless Economy

The group managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Interswitch, Mitchell Elegbe, is the founder of Nigeria’s first electronic payments system and the leading figure in its move from a largely cash economy to embracing online payment facilities.

Oragroup : Continent of Dreams

Oragroup is expanding as demand for banking services in West and Central Africa grows. Ferdinand Kemoum Ngon, Managing Director of Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) and Deputy CEO of Oragroup, tells us more.

Davis & Shirtliff : Taking the Lead

Africa Outlook talks to Alec Davis, CEO of Kenya’s Davis & Shirtliff, a firm that has been rapidly expanding its horizons across the region.

Airtel Ghana : Upwardly Mobile

Ghana's telecoms and ICT sector is full of opportunities for both local and international firms, says Philip Sowah of Airtel Ghana.

Secequip : Trustworthy and Reliable

South Africa’s notoriously high crime rate is recognised across the world and it presents huge opportunities for firms like Secequip.

Ingram Micro Mobility : Brightpoint Rebranded

Earlier this year BrightPoint was rebranded Ingram Micro Mobility. Africa Outlook learns more.

Wasteman Holdings : Setting Aggressive Growth Targets

Wasteman Holdings Group offers specialist waste removal and disposal services to all sectors of the South African market and is looking to grow this year.

Toplis & Harding : The New Frontier

Africa Outlook talks with Prahlad Nathwani, the man who runs the operations of Toplis & Harding in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.