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Beglin Woods Architects : Building Kenya and Beyond

We speak to David Beglin, founder and Director of Beglin Woods Architects, about the firm’s history of architecture within Kenya.

ZZ2 : Growing for the Future

The farming roots of zz2 date back to the 19th century, the van Zyl family continuing to honour its legacy while looking ahead to the future.

Musika Development Initiatives : Agriculture for All

Musika is committed to helping Zambia’s smallholders access vital agricultural technologies, financing and training initiatives.

Habibo Group : Producing for Madagascar

Habibo Group is determined to supply Madagascar and beyond with quality FMCG products at a fair price to reduce reliance on imported goods.

Darling Brew : Brewing a Better Future

Darling Brew aims to preserve the environment, bring communities together, and generate health-related awareness.

Limagrain Zaad South Africa : Organic Growth

Limagrain Zaad South Africa is a collaborative new venture aiming to provide high quality seed to farmers across the country.

Serengeti Breweries : The Pride of Tanzania

Serengeti Breweries continues to produce and distribute market leading beers and spirits across Tanzania, its sustained growth providing opportunities to invest.

Xylem Africa : Let’s Solve Water

With a vast portfolio, the recently unified Xylem Africa is united in its ambition to safeguard the continent’s most precious resource.

Lerexcom Petroleum : Fuelling Development in the DRC

Thanks to its young, dynamic team and ambitious leadership, LEREXCOM PETROLEUM is ready to supply fuel to enterprises across the Congo.

Puckree Group : Leaving the Right Legacy

Puckree Group is imparting responsible practice onto its coal sites in South Africa, the company looking ahead to a promising pipeline of projects.