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South Africa’s notoriously high crime rate is recognised across the world and it presents huge opportunities for firms like Secequip.


From April 2011 to March 2012 there were 15,609 murders in South Africa, as well as 101,203 cases of aggravated robbery.

According to the country’s latest victims of crime survey 57 percent of respondents felt that housebreaking/burglary was the crime most feared in their area of residence.

This has fuelled a boom in the country’s private security industry – the largest private security industry in the world with nearly 9,000 registered companies.

“There’s certainly opportunity for people like us,” says John Rogers, Managing Director of Secequip, and expert in the South African security industry. “Secequip is an exclusive importer and distributor of leading security products, including award winning Pyronix and Texecom alarm panels. In addition to Secequip’s extensive intrusion range, the Group also supply CCTV equipment, video surveillance, motion detectors, perimeter detection and heat and smoke detectors.”

The firm’s headquarters are based in Johannesburg and it has a national network of 12 branches across South Africa.

“In South Africa crime is a fact of life – and, in my view, homeowners need to make provision for the installation of security systems that will offer protection when they are most in need,” says Rogers. “Modern, state-of-the-art security systems, such as the ones Secequip provide, focus on providing reliable security, while at the same time placing an emphasis on being user-friendly, and providing a range of additional features. Our expanding network of sales and support centres across the country provide premium brands people can trust, and service standards that can be relied upon. No matter the system or requirement, from domestic to high-end commercial applications, we bring together leading technologies that provide quality and cost-effective security solutions.”

The Secequip business has grown substantially since its original inception. “We started Secequip in March 2001,” Rogers explains. “I have been in this industry since 1978, working at Massey Ferguson UKbefore starting my own burglar alarm installation business, Lighthouse Security, which I sold to Chubb in 1986. I then joined the SEE Group where I took over the distribution aspect of Texecom in South Africa and we opened an office in Johannesburg. Together with Brian Anderson, I bought the company back from Texecom UK in January 2009, and that’s where Secequip was born.

“We’ve not looked back ever since. Secequip has come on leaps and bounds.”

In 2011 Secequip was brought by JSElisted Amecor.

“Amecor’s core focus is in the electronics and security sector, with reputable subsidiaries Power Development Services, Gillespie Diesel Services, Durapower Manufacturing, Amecor Integrated Solutions, FSK Electronics and Sabre Radio Networks, under its wing,” says Rogers.

Speaking at the time of the acquisition, Amecor’s CEO Dereck Alexander described Secequip as the “natural fit”. “The acquisition of Secequip is a synergistic fit as its products and electronic solutions are complementary to Amecor’s current market offering. The Amecor Group has had a good relationship with Secequip for a number of years informally. We believe this strategic acquisition is valuable will add value by broadening our business and adding synergistic product lines which offer complete turnkey security solutions to our customers.

“Amecor has had Secequip on its radar for some time. The completion of this important transaction will open the door for accelerated organic growth of our existing businesses and will provide a platform to expand product ranges and services,” Alexander added. “The deal has been a major step forward,” says Rogers. “It has given us the opportunity to grow while maintaining our independence. “The business came from humble beginnings in Johannesburg to 12 branches around the country. Secequip is now on par with the largest distributors in the country.

“The future is pretty exciting and there are lots of opportunities in the security industry. There are tremendous opportunities in both the entry level and hi-tech security market.”

There is potential beyond the country’s borders too.

“Secequip supply into Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Ghana. There is tremendous potential for growth into the African market. Currently the Group has a distributor in Zimbabwe and in Namibia and look forward to further expansion in the near future.

“I must caution that Africa isn’t always easy to deal in, but I think there are certainly opportunities from a security point of view.

“It is an exciting time.”

What’s his secret?

Technology and “superior” products.

“We are fortunate with our two major suppliers of security equipment being Texecom and Pyronix. These key suppliers have been part and parcel of Secequip’s success. Although both Texecom and Pyronix are UK based companies, they develop products that are suited to the African market.

“I have to add that Secequip is a service driven organisation and I don’t believe there is anyone else in the industry that offers the same level of service. I think it is our service levels and support that have got us to where we are. We at Secequip are available 24/7, 365 days a year. That is what we have grown the business on and it is what we will continue to do going into the future.”

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