Issue 59

Techno Brain Group : Empowering Lives, the Digital Way

Techno Brain Group is steadily expanding its efforts across Africa and further afield, building upon local skills with a strategy for success.

Laboratory & Allied Ltd : Better Medicine, Better Life

Laboratory & Allied Ltd is taking its vision to the masses, striving to reach the top of the pharmaceutical manufacturing food chain with ethics, compassion and sensitivity.

Palabora Mining Company : Reliable and Responsible

Palabora Mining Company has a history and reputation up there with  the very best on the continent, but that doesn’t stop the business looking towards long-term sustainability for the future.

Efficient Engineering : Safe Power

The 50-year evolution of Efficient Engineering in South Africa inevitably alludes towards market-leading industrial capabilities, but also points to a much more socially responsible driving philosophy.

Metix : Passion for Metals

Metix is making the most of its parent Group’s support and expertise in order to become a key industrial cog, both in South Africa and further afield.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa : The Hitachi Proposition

Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa is harnessing the status, reputation and quality that has become so synonymous with the wider brand over the years, before applying it to local needs.

Industrial Development Corp. South Africa : Passion and Partnership

Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa is staying true to its roots with a measured approach to project development in new markets.

Amalgamated Electronic Corporation : Innovation, Excellence, Growth

Amalgamated Electronic Corporation offers a range of exclusive technologies in relation to security and electronics, protecting lives and homes across South Africa and beyond.

Teranga Gold Corporation : A Golden Generation

The successes of Teranga Gold Corporation in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire epitomise the Company’s strengths as a soon-to-be mid-tier gold mining company, led by a socially responsible philosophy.

Ajeast Nigeria Ltd : Offering More for Less

The ever-expanding drinks range of Ajeast Nigeria Ltd has only been on Nigerian shelves for three years, but the Company has already proven itself as an attractive, innovative alternative to the traditional elite.

Seaweld Engineering : Masters of Service

Seaweld Engineering is a company made up of motivated individuals that come together in the pursuit of excellence, delivering outstanding operational performance on every project.

Century Real Estate Rwanda : Hitting New Heights

Kigali Heights stands as a flagship development for Century Real Estate Rwanda, a one-stop property shop looking to capitalise on a national industry on the rise.

Time Projects : It’s Time to Expand

Time Projects has been “building Botswana” for more than 30 years and is now looking to apply the same development, project, property and asset expertise in Zambia.

Broll Kenya : We Have You Covered

Broll is capitalising on Africa’s economic potential; leveraging South African successes to generate similar opportunities into Kenya.

Dar es Salaam Glass Works : Uncompromising Quality

With more than 30 years of experience within the industry, Dar es Salaam Glass Works continues to transform ideas into inspirational reality.

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings : Quality, Control, Discipline

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings is dedicated to doing it right the first time, ensuring that it consistently meets customer requirements.

Samani Construction Ltd : A 20-Year Construct

Fluctuating market conditions and a challenging 2017 has contributed to a 2018 targeted towards efficiencies and expansion as Samani Construction looks to make its own luck.

Bahati Ridge Development : Welcome Home

Bahati Ridge Development makes the dream of country inspired living with an urban twist into a reality, providing you with a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

United Pharmaceutical Distributors : We Deliver Healthcare

United Pharmaceutical Distributors is striving to become the leading healthcare supply chain partner in Southern Africa, building upon many years of success within the industry.

SqwidNet / Sigfox : Connecting the Digital and Physical Worlds

By SqwidNet becoming the exclusive IoT operator of Sigfox in South Africa, a merging of ideologies has occurred which will see the Internet of Things channelled towards socio-economic solutions on the continent.