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Editorial Team

Amalgamated Electronic Corporation offers a range of exclusive technologies in relation to security and electronics, protecting lives and homes across South Africa and beyond.


Amalgamated Electronic Corporation (Amecor) – incepted in 1989 – began its journey with the aim of repairing house alarm systems, panels and communicators.

The Company quickly evolved and hired engineers that enabled it to start developing its own products, including electronic devices that enable advanced security in homes and commercial properties.

South Africa has a recognisably large private security sector to support its small public-owned policing sector, with approximately 2,000 registered security companies in operation in the country at present.

“We are classed as a holding company, made up of two subsidiary businesses named FSK Electronics and Sabre Radio Networks,” explains Duran Vieira, CEO at Amalgamated Electronic Corporation. “FSK develops and manufactures the technology that is installed in conjunction with an alarm system. When an event arises the device sends the information to a selected security provider that enables the correct security measure to respond.

“Amecor joined the holding process in 2005 when we bought FSK and Sabre, the latter being the network provider which supports the equipment developed by FSK.”

The Company has well-established branches that are located across South Africa, as well as distribution branches in Africa for its FSK products while Sabre then tracks the billing for the infrastructure usage.


Working closely to its strategy has always been the way that Amecor works best, keeping in mind at all times that providing people with security is the main focus.

“We look at the ways in which we are able to truly provide customers with security,” adds Vieira. “How can we make sure that their lives are safe when they’re in their homes or work place and how can we protect their property.”

In order to achieve this, the Company works on large-scale technology drives at regular intervals and keeps them in-house thanks to its large R&D department.

Vieira continues: “We utilise the best possible technology available in the market in order to ensure that the information reaches the relevant security company as quickly as possible, while also remaining as reliable as possible.

“We are in the business of saving lives and aiding security companies in providing the best possible security response available, and that is what I firmly believe pushes the success of Amecor onwards.”

First and foremost the Company is a product manufacturer and designer for the security sector, and therefore is required to pay close attention to both the social and economic problems within South Africa but also further afield.

At present there are many African countries with similar problems, and more often than not those issues are related to a disparity between social classes.

“With policing forums being so small in a lot of African countries, we have also shifted some of our focus into areas such as Kenya, the Ivory Coast, Botswana and Nigeria,” Vieira describes. “Each of the aforementioned are very large targets for us, and further afield we have noted that areas of South America are having similar issues and are places we are considering in the future.”


Amecor has a customer focused approach to the market, which is carried through everything it does in attempts to ensure that every experience the client has is positive.

It has taken a lot of time and hard work to build such fantastic relationships with customers, especially when you consider the old technology that the Company used to have to work with.

“Now we have the most up-to-date technology, we are able to expand upon it with thanks to customer experiences and feedback, increasing security and standing within the sector,” states Vieira. “Stereotypically security is a grudge purchase in South Africa, and we are trying to change this perception through the technological advancements we have made in recent years.

“We are able to offer a small piece of technology that you can place into your home that will allow you to control a multitude of aspects within your home, all at the touch of a button.

“During the past few years that has been our main focus; providing homeowners with an app that will provide them with the ability to arm and disarm their alarm system from anywhere in the world, open their front gate and ensure the safety of their family or employees and providing peace of mind.”


The focus of Amalgamated Electronic Corporation on customer peace of mind is perhaps one of the main reasons that its service is both popular and top-class in the industry today, and with the support of an excellent team at the helm it is only set to improve from here.

“In order to make sure that we have an excellent skill flow within the organisation that ensures consistent growth, we have partnered with many of the universities in South Africa,” explains Vieira. “We have an agreement as a part of the National Diploma for Engineering, in which the universities provide us with their best and brightest and in return we work with them for a year to support their experiential learning.

“We have the vision within the industry to support the future generations and hope that they will in-turn come back to us with ideas that will spur on the sectors growth,” adds Vieira. “The reason I believe we are as good as we are is due to our vision and goals being completely aligned with the security sector; we are trying to make life safer and easier for the population. This has driven our success in the past and is something that we can pride ourselves upon.”

A major differentiator for Amecor in the industry is its dedication to saving lives and ensuring that its products enable the Company to do that within South Africa and further afield.

“We hope that in the future we will be able to take this attitude worldwide, becoming a trusted partner and well known in a plethora of countries,” concludes Vieira. “I want global exposure for our brand and to be associated with protecting lives through the production of a high quality product.”

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