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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Macrocomm is perfectly creating the architecture of smarter technology, with a customer-focused approach to the market and a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions to address industry challenges with ease.


Established in 2005, Macrocomm was created with the purpose of selling voice and data contracts and has since evolved into a widely successful telecommunications and technology company.

Through moving with the times Macrocomm has shifted some of its focus to IoT (Internet of Things) and energy management solutions and now in the present day, the Company is able to provide turnkey solutions, leveraging connectivity, devices and analytics.

The Company is an accredited reseller of mobile data, networking and infrastructure related products that are available as both stand-alone offerings or as part of its IoT portfolio.

“Our Business was proudly founded upon the values of integrity and professionalism,” explains Vinny Perumal, Managing Director at Macrocomm. “Now, we are a level one Broad-Based Black Woman Economic Empowerment entity, boasting a diverse team of experts that operate across South Africa with partner companies in key African countries.

Macrocomm boasts seven divisions within the Group, all of which focus on different industry specific solutions that the Company can cater to.

Perumal continues: “In our Macrocomm Technologies division, we are able to focus on delivering infrastructure solutions, energy management and alternative energy solutions that are mainly for telecommunications and large industrial type customers.

“Through our Macrocomm Utilities division, we closely study smart city solutions, for example smart water and electricity solutions that include revenue management analytics platforms for municipalities and large corporate and private estates.”

Another sector of management at the Company called Macrocomm Connect, focuses on selling IoT customised solutions, as well as voice and data solutions to large and medium enterprise customers and the public sector.

“With our Macrocomm Smart Solutions division, we are able to provide dedicated manufacturing serviced for sensor and devices required for IoT solutions,” adds Perumal. “We then also have a dedicated team for Fleet Analytics to provide end-to-end solutions for fleet-based companies.

“Last but by no means least we have our Macrocomm RTS, which enables us to work closely on development, manufacture and sale of data management hardware and software solutions, all of which are through complete turnkey offerings or as sub-components of larger systems.”


In just over a decade, the Company has grown substantially, which has of course impacted the quality management processes and systems and the adjustments that were required as a result.

“After an independent assessment review, we have embarked on the process of obtaining ISO certification in order to embrace the concept of quality through continual improvement and ensuring the highest standards to achieve customer satisfaction,” affirms Perumal. “We continuously strive to improve health and safety standards and accreditation, and have been able to easily maintain our NOSA accreditation and track record in the field deployment of staff to afford us a significant advantage against our competitors in the market.”

For the Company, the key to realising active smart cities is through the analysis of real-time and historic data that has been gathered from various sources, to then be actioned by the respective public-sector teams within the city.

“The aforementioned resources are then stretched, utilising innovative processes that are needed to maximise time and effort,” continues Perumal. “Bearing that in mind, we have partnered with the world’s leader in data analytics technology.

“Through using this technology we have been able to invest in building a unique analytics platform for revenue and cost management, with the platform enabling key decision makers to gain visibility, recognise revenue collection problem areas and subsequently fix them proactively.

“We have found that the platform also allows the municipalities to evolve into smart cities through the implementation of related projects, gathering the data and tracking the immediate costs and benefits in real-time. The Eureka platform – as it is called – will be showcased in Las Vegas in September, 2018 at an international analytics event.”

At present the Company is in the process of adding capabilities to the platform in order to assist its customers with automated data collection, implementing reporting insights in various languages and expanding the capacity of the system to enable tracking and monitoring services.

Over the years the business has evolved its IoT sales approach in order to be more consultative, allowing for customised solutions to be developed.


In order to consistently be at the cutting edge with its technology, the Company has training and development programmes that have become integral to the overall strategy of Macrocomm and creates a competitive advantage.

“We recognise the importance of competence management within the team and this forms part of the line manager’s individual performance management (IPM),” explains Perumal. “The IPM framework that we use at Macrocomm is specially utilised to align the performance of each employee to the objectives of the organisation and functional teams.

“During these reviews we are able to identify training gaps, enabling us to find routes to encourage our employees to embark upon in order to improve their relevant skillset.”

In addition to the training and development of its staff, Macrocomm also works to assist young South Africans in local communities. It has embarked on an initiative that will enable the Company to invest in the future of the country, establishing a fully functional training programme and facility to aid them in preparing for the industry.

Perumal adds: “The Company has partnered with the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) and local technical institutions to provide formal training, coupled with hands-on experience for engineering students that are involved in Macrocomm-managed projects around the country.

“By prioritising job creation through meaningful economic transformation and inclusive growth, we are creating opportunities for more women to enter into the ICT sector.

“We are ensuring that all our initiatives create jobs and to date, the Company has created a number of NQF level four jobs, upskilling a number of government municipal employees through training and skills transfer programmes, helping to successfully implement labour intensive projects. 


In order to continue on with its success in the industry, the Company is setting plans in place for progression and growth moving forward.

“We will continue on with our extensive training and recruitment of field staff, providing the Company with a national service delivery capability that is unrivalled in the sector,” Perumal describes. “Of course, we will also need to focus on our ability to innovate with those staff, particularly in the IoT space through the creation of niche industry specific solutions.”

It is important to remember that while Macrocomm is most definitely forward-facing in terms of development, it is also paying close attention to providing on-going support and service to all current customers and especially those in remote regions.

“We hope that in the next three to five years we will have captured a large market share, with smart solutions in the key target markets,” concludes Perumal. “We aim to invest in and establish new facilities that will allow us to introduce more innovation into new and existing markets.

“Now our plans are to develop the business across Africa, while establishing offices in the identified countries in order to pursue new markets and giving back to the local community.”

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