Laboratory & Allied Ltd : Better Medicine, Better Life

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Laboratory & Allied Ltd is taking its vision to the masses, striving to reach the top of the pharmaceutical manufacturing food chain with ethics, compassion and sensitivity.


Laboratory & Allied Ltd (Lab & Allied) is a recognised and leading company in the world of pharmaceutical manufacture, with its main target market centrally focused on creating pharmaceuticals for hospitals and veterinary usage.

The Company has an illustrious and long history within Kenya and has gained extensive experience since it was formed more than 46 years ago; during that time Lab & Allied has gone from strength to strength within the industry.

“We have earned particular distinction as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Kenya, and strive to constantly work towards the development and subsequent manufacture of pharmaceuticals made to the highest calibre,” explains the Company on its website. “Our united Company mission is to acquire an innovative and quality product portfolio that is affordable for our clients.

“At present our major portfolio work is linked to the therapeutic segments, all of which have a dominant presence in major East African markets. We have taken our corporate strength, talent and technological advancements to the masses.”

The Company has employed a customer-centric approach over the years in order to improve the lives of its customers, providing them with the best possible treatments on the market.

The Company concludes: “In recent years our Company has undergone some significant changes in regards to compliance, modernisation of equipment and our facilities in order to better serve the public. This has all proven to be successful and now we are able to continue on with our commitment to our core values of integrity, excellence, quality and innovation.”

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